Dec 2010 01

In this weeks video blog, Missy and Rambo sit down to play some catch up: get some time with Rambo while you can because next week she’ll be in London shooting some new sets!

Missy has started posting a new feature on the site, “Classic Set of the Day”, where Missy choses her favorite classic photosets. She’s looking for your suggestions for best classic sets. So: email with the name of the set, the link to the set, and why you think it should be a classic set. If Missy posts the set you chose, you get a free 3 month membership to the site! WIN!!!

Missy talks about the Belle and Sebastian video we made in honor of their song “SuicideGirl”. You can check out the video here!

It’s holiday time and Missy and Rambo want to hear your suggestions for awesome holiday tunes or Pandora stations for holidays tunes, post them here! It’s gottta be on par with “Trick Out The Tree”. 😉

Happy Holidays everyone! Don’t forget: naughty is nice…