Oct 2011 11

by Blogbot

Henry (big with white spots) and Pepin (small and all orange) 
the furry gingers
 (pictured with their mistress Rin Suicide)

  • INTO:
    Henry: Being a lap-cat, spooning, talking back, drinking out of the bathtub, rushing all the cat treats, having a refined palate, letting Pepin steal the spotlight, the ball in a ring toy, catnip, flopping around.
    Pepin: Getting into trouble, making friends with everyone, curling around, being super cute, sexing up Henry, tasting everything in the garden, belly scratches, my seahorse.

  • NOT INTO: Strangers.
    Henry: New people.
    Pepin: Rules!

  • MAKES US HAPPY: Curling up together, laying in the garden, running around the house playing, eating fancy foods like emu and ostrich and chicken necks, sleeping in bed with Rin.
  • MAKES US SAD: When we fight with each other.
  • HOBBIES: Taking things out of the cupboards, chasing each other, sleeping in the sun, exploring.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Each other, comfy places to sleep, someone who feeds us, sunbeams, tasty treats.
  • VICES: Catnip, chasing strings, cat treats.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Giving each other baths, sleeping, playing, fighting, playing, cuddling, and more cuddling.

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