Jul 2010 21

by Lisa Brady

We’ve all experienced that phenomenon where a certain song can bring back a wave of memories (good, bad, fucking horrible).  Sometimes it only takes a couple of notes and you’re right back in 9th grade with your first serious boyfriend at the homecoming dance (even though your parents were really strict and wouldn’t let you {technically} have a date so you just met him there – TAKE THAT MOM AND DAD, HA!).

I decided to compile a short list of some of my current favorites (and no, not all of them are new songs; the classics never die, people).

1.  Everlasting Light – Black Keys
I love, love, LOVE this song.  The Black Keys are a fantastic retro/bluesy/basement rock band out of Akron, Ohio comprised of a guitarist (Dan Auerbach) and a drummer (Patrick Carney).  Every one of their albums is enjoyable, but I have found their latest (Brothers – released May of 2010) to be my favorite.

2.  Bang Bang ft. Adam Levine – K’naan
I heard this catchy little ditty in the new Karate Kid movie (which is fabulous, even if you love the original).  It features Adam Levine from Maroon 5 (that boy can sing) and is a toe-tapper.  This is a wind-in-the-hair-while-driving song for sure.

3.  Lovely People – Sabrosa Purr
I am not ashamed to admit that I first heard this song on The Hills (don’t judge me for my reality TV habit!) and I always listen to it while I am getting ready in the morning.  For some reason I apply my makeup a little more rock star when something heavier is on.  Glitter eyeliner anyone?

4.  Shake It – Metro Station
I know a lot of people are probably really tired of hearing this song, but for some reason I am immune to hating this song (no matter how many time the Muzak at work repeats it).  And after seeing the music video, I always want to break dance when I hear it.  You can’t deny this is a catchy, poppy song that makes you want to get up and shake your ass.  Plus, Trace Cyrus has some wicked tattoos.

5.  Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
I almost walked down the aisle to this song.  It’s softer but snags you with the off-beat drumming in the background and a melodic voice that could almost lull you to sleep.  This is probably a song that has been/will get played waaay too much on the radio and then everyone will be sick of it and hate it (except me,  that’s why I don’t listen to the radio!).

6.  Your Arms Around Me – Jens Lekman
This is a “snuggle” song.  Maybe something to listen to while sitting at the beach at sunset.  Yea, that’s lame, but the song isn’t.  It gained popularity on the Whip It (WATCH IT!) soundtrack.  It’s a bit on the long side as songs go, but I can’t help but love it.

7.  Drunken Lullabies – Flogging Molly
Yes, this came out in 2002 (I was still in high school) but as I already pointed out, the classics never die.  Flogging Molly is easily one of the most popular Irish punk bands and Drunken Lullabies (of the same album title) will rock your face off.  Brings back fond moshing memories…

8.  Uprising – Muse
Though Muse has been around for quite some time, the release of their last album The Resistance has given them some real face time with the masses when it shot to the top of the charts.  Uprising is their first release off of the album.  It was also used recently in the Knight and Day trailer.  It’s a gritty, raw, powerful track that you be listening to on repeat.

9.  Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra
Is there anything better than Old Blue Eyes?  Ok, there are better things, but damn I love this song.  It’s mellow and quite lovely.  Though the lyrics are a little sad, the melody makes it easy to listen to frequently.  But seriously, it’s fucking Frank Sinatra.  Nuff said.

10.  Pot Kettle Black – Tilly and the Wall
Chick rock – yes please!  This song is probably their most well known (it was also in Whip It).  This indie band has been rocking for a while now, but remains mostly out of the mainstream (and if that’s what’s keeping their music good, then so be it).  This is a song to blare out of your car’s stereo.  Traffic will thank you.

What would some of your songs be, if you made a playlist of memories?