Sep 2010 30

Tomorrow morning at 11:00am PST log on to to chat with Missy in her very first IAMA. You can ask her (almost) anything… and welcome her to the Reddit community (you can friend us here)! There might even be some video.

Check out a few shots of Boom Suicide, who drove 8 from Georgia to shoot her set! “Bombshell!” Missy let’s you know where our photogs will be heading next, and you can email for more info!

Missy and Rambo wanna know what you think they should start watching on Thursday nights, now that the Jersey Shore finale is fast approaching. Put your suggestions in the comments!

The girls talk about Halloween costumes, and wanna know if any of you know of the perfect (reasonably priced) catwoman costumes. Anyone? Bueller? Post your links or send them to