Oct 2018 12

Join us this coming Monday, October 15, for the Los Angeles premiere of For Your Consideration Movie, a short film documentary which tells the story behind Plastic Jesus and Ginger’s “Casting Couch” installation.

"For Your Consideration" Trailer from Patrick Green on Vimeo.

The life-sized statue, which appeared on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in time for the 90th Academy Awards earlier this year, took aim at Harvey Weinstein and the culture of cover up that allowed sexually predatory and abusive behavior — as brought to task by the #MeToo movement — to permeate Tinsel Town on a massive scale.

“Casting Couch” by Plastic Jesus and Ginger

The event, which runs from 7.30 til 9.30 PM at LA’s Downtown Independent, and will include a panel discussion after the screening with artists Plastic Jesus and Ginger, #MeToo activist Dawn Dunning, and filmmaker Patrick Green. The panel will be moderated by journalist, activist, and SGR host Nicole Powers. The event is FREE. Reserve your tickets HERE.


Feb 2017 10

Had the honor of being in the presence of not one, but several, gods of electronic music last night. Pioneering french producer, composer, and musician Jean-Michel Jarre​ assembled a panel of five of the more than thirty collaborators on his Electronica double album project — the first edition of which, Electronica 1: The Time Machine, is in the running for a Grammy this Sunday in the “Best Dance/Electronic Album” category.

Nic Harcourt​ moderated the discussion between Jarre, Hanz zimmer​, Gary Numan, Moby​, Little Boots​, and Julia Holter​ at the intimate Americana Lounge at The Record Parlour​ in Hollywood. You can view the conversation in its entirety here or in the player below:

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Sunday — if anyone deserves a grammy for electronic music it’s Jarre, who’s contributed so much and inspired so many.