Oct 2010 01

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We’ve been having crazy amounts of fun chatting up a storm on Reddit’s IAMA page. Steam has been rising from Missy’s keyboard as she tries to keep up with the deluge of comments and queries from the site’s users.

“I am a little overwhelmed by the response,” says Missy, “but having a great time answering all of these questions.”

Thanks to Reddit, who made a special SG-style logo especially for our IAMA event, and to everyone who’s participated so far. We’re super excited to be Reddit’s #1 IAMA, and love that everyone’s efforts have earned us a coveted Gold Star!

And our Reddit/IAMA party is still going on, so come on over and join in the fun!

Oct 2010 01

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Log on to at 11 AM (PST) today for a live chat with SuicideGirls founder Missy. Reddit subscribers will be able to ask real-time questions, while Missy and SG’s model coordinator Rambo Ustream live from the SG office as well.

And while you’re on Reddit, be sure to friend us and send some link and comment karma our way too. You know how karma works – it’ll come back around to you 😉

Direct chat link is HERE.

Ps. Reddit just SG’d up their logo – how cool is that?

Reddit user BrandonMarshallNga wants to know what we’re “going to be for Halloween this year?”

**UPDATE 3**
Reddit user Carnephex says: “On behalf of myself and many Marines: THANK YOU!”

Missy says: “Thank you! Are you a part of the pin-ups for Soldiers Program? If you are currently deployed we can set you up to get a care package as our way of saying thank you!”

**UPDATE4 **
Reddit user CelebornX asks: “Why’d you choose the name “Suicide Girls”?

**UPDATE 5 **
Reddit user All Your Base asks: “Who do you think is the sexiest SG ?”

Missy says: “I think all the girls are sexy. Safe answer but SuicideGirls is based on the idea that all women are beautiful not just the single cookie cutter type that is projected by mainstream media.”

**UPDATE 6 **
Reddit user Bleach-Free says: “Prediction: Top IAMA of the year.”

**UPDATE 7 **
Reddit user Abrasax asks: “How big of a deal was it for you to get featured on Californication?”

**UPDATE 8 **
Awe, we’re feeling so special – we just got a Reddit Gold Star!

Reddit user Renovatio says: “I haven’t seen a gold star in forever!”

-We feel even more special now 😉

**UPDATE 9**
We’re #2 in Reddit’s IAMA ranks. Come join the party and make us #1.

**UPDATE 10 **
Reddit user Psomatic says: “I was a subscriber a couple of years ago, and one thing I always loved was how strong the SG community is. Was that aspect of the site something that came out of user demand or did you guys push for it?”

Missy says: “When we started we wanted to build up a community where the girls and members could express themselves not only through their photos but in their own words too.”

Sep 2010 29


Sep 2010 28

by Suri Suicide

[Kaylie McDougal a.k.a. Tigermassacre]

Artist / SG Member Name: Kaylie McDougal / Tigermassacre

Mission: “I’m from a small, southern town. All I ever dreamed of was getting out and seeing the world. After getting out and seeing very small pieces of the world, I can honestly say I’ve yet to feel truly at home anywhere. But I’m still looking. Besides my love of travel, the only other constant in my life has been my love of art – in particular, drawing comics.


Sep 2010 27

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This week’s pin-up tip comes from SuicideGirls co-founder Missy.

TRY: Mac Ruby Woo lipstick.

WHY: It makes everyone feel more glamorous and look “put together.” The blush red shade is dramatic enough to make a statement, but has a subtle matte finish, which doesn’t come off on your teeth.


Sep 2010 21

by Suri Suicide

This is the first in a series of ‘Art of SuicideGirls’ posts, which will highlight the creativity of our community members. If you’d like your work to be considered for inclusion, please reach out to Suri Suicide, who is curating the column.

[Kate Suicide in Hangover]

Artist / SG Member Name: Kate Suicide

Mission: “I was born in Chessington – the World of Adventures – a mere stones throw from the Vampire ride, which may explain, but not excuse, my slight leaning towards the dark and the macabre. Being a strange-looking goth at school hindered my popularity, but greatly helped my creativity, as I spent many hours alone in my room, drawing, painting and listening to strange, dark music.


Sep 2010 14

September 9, 2010 was a red-letter day for SG, with five beautiful ladies going pink. “What made this particular day so extraordinary is the fact that all five girls have been longtime members of the site,” explains SG Model Coordinator Rambo. “Eclipse, Akito, and HollyStar’s sets had all been in Member Review for 6-plus months, and Fabrizia has submitted SIX sets to Member Review over the past two years.”

Our congratulations go out to Akito, Auriga, Eclipse, Fabrizia and HollyStar, who will each receive a lifetime membership to the site, $500 and a super cute gift pack full of SG goodies. “The girls are all very diverse with regards to age, ethnicity, and location,” notes Rambo, “and are a wonderful representations of what SG is all about!”


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