Sep 2012 10

by Fred Topel

“We got a little bit derailed because of Sex and the City.”
– Jessica Elbaum

Women in Hollywood have made monumental strides in the last year, with the success of Kristen Wiig’s Bridesmaids and Lena Dunham’s Girls. What you don’t hear as much about is that there have been equally major advances for women behind the scenes.

For example, at Gary Sanchez Productions, the production company of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, a woman holds a major executive position. Jessica Elbaum produced the Sundance hit Bachelorette, which was written and directed by Leslye Headland. The film became the number one pre-theatrical download on iTunes in August. It plays theaters this month and you can still get it online or VOD.

Bachelorette stars Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fischer as high school friends who grudgingly play bridesmaids to their friend Becky (Rebel Wilson). The girls begin the film as angry, resentful, promiscuous, and/or addicts (some combination of the aforementioned afflicts each character). The night before the wedding they cause a series of disasters that will take all night to fix, if they’re even able to before the wedding.

We got to chat with Elbaum by phone about her career as a female exec for some of the hottest comedy producers in Hollywood. She had a lot to share about the current climate for female-led comedy, her film Bachelorette, and the latest Gary Sanchez production, the long awaited Anchorman 2.

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Sep 2012 07

by Fred Topel

“Working is vacation for me”
– Ashley Bell

Ashley Bell literally bent over backwards to entertain us in The Last Exorcism. The film marked her major movie debut in a leading role, and quite an impressive debut it was as a small down girl possessed by a demon. Even though it was called The Last Exorcism, they’ve made a sequel and Bell is back.

Bell also gets to step up her physical work in the film The Day. The post-apocalyptic thriller casts bell as Mary, the toughest most fierce survivor in the wasteland. It may have become a cliché to see a woman kick butt in an action movie, but Bell makes it primal and vicious. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, where WWE Studios picked it up and is now distributing it.

Of course, that’s all acting. In real life she’s a total sweetheart. She even dresses up to meet reporters and look good on camera, even though her biggest roles have been stripped down and natural. Bell is a trained actor with a background from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and Cambridge University, so she shared with us all her tricks and secrets in a sit down interview that could have gone on forever.

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Aug 2012 29

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“I like being someone else for just three months.”
– Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel actually flashed a little bit of stomach because she was showing off her vampire hunter belt. I thought it was so cool that innocent little Mary Camden was showing skin to a roomful of comic book fans there to interview her for Trinity.

In the third Blade film she plays Abigail Whistler, the illegitimate daughter of Kris Kristofferson’’s character Abraham Whistler. She is a vampire hunter that works with a team called the Nightstalkers that includes Hannibal King [Ryan Reynolds] and SuicideGirls’ favorite Patton Oswalt.

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Aug 2012 27

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“This was just a part that I thought I could sink my teeth into.”
– Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is a very well known and brilliant supporting actor, who has appeared in such films as Out of Sight, Boogie Nights and Devil in a Blue Dress, but he has yet to have that lead role that will truly launch him, until now. Cheadle is now starring in Hotel Rwanda, the true life story of Paul Rusesabagina who rescued and housed thousands of refugees during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.

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Aug 2012 22

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“Instead of great plots and stories, it was funny characters that we liked…”
– Owen Wilson

I’’m not sure what to say about Owen Wilson. Ever since I first saw him in Bottle Rocket I have thought he was hilarious and brilliant. His movies with Ben Stiller like Zoolander and Meet the Parents are some of my favorite films of all time. It’s good to see him put aside that smarmy knowing persona that he has perfected in numerous movies over the past few years and play someone with the wide eyed innocence that Ned Plimpton has in Wes Anderson’’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

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Aug 2012 16

by Alex Dueben

“There’s a lot of unique small businesses and DIY movements that make Portland a kind of incubator for new ideas.”
– Jacob Pander

Arnold and Jacob Pander first achieved comic book stardom with their first project, Grendel: Devil’s Legacy, written by Matt Wagner which starred Christine Spar. The Brothers have since gone on to work on a number of projects including Accelerate, written by Richard Kadrey, and Tasty Bullet, which Arnold collaborated on with Jonathan Vankin, but for the most part, the pair have worked together on comics and film projects.

Among their many cinematic projects are Triple-X – not to be confused by the Vin Diesel movie of similar title, Batman: City of Light, Exquisite Corpse, and Ginger Fox. The duo have also directed many music videos, short films and commercials in addition to writing and directing the feature film Selfless.

Their new release is Secret Broadcast Redux, a full color digital version of the comic the pair released through Oni Press in 1998. When the comic was initially released, it was accompanied by a soundtrack and music videos. Redux includes a new coda to explore what happens to the characters after the events of the story and an all new soundtrack.

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Aug 2012 14

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“It’s my job to fool people into seeing me in another way.”
– Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe worked with Mr. Cronenberg on the film eXistenZ and delivered a creepy performance. Creepy performances in films like Shadow of the Vampire, Auto Focus and Wild at Heart seem to be Dafoe’’s stock in trade, but for Wes Anderson’’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou he trades all that in to play Klaus the goofily tragic first mate aboard Zissou’s ship.

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