May 2012 10

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“Honestly, all I hope for in this particular case is that I love the movie and that it connects with enough people.”
– Tim Burton

Tim Burton is one of the hippest and raddest cats to ever come down the pike. He creates amazing movies and his latest is Corpse Bride. It’’s a stop motion wet dream that has advanced the form to new heights.

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May 2012 09

by Alex Dueben

The idea is rule by individual consent.
– Ted Naifeh

Ted Naifeh first gained recognition as the artist and co-creator of the comic series Gloomcookie, but it was the release of his own creation, Courtney Crumrin that really made his reputation. Since the initial miniseries Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things was released a decade ago by Oni Press, Naifeh has returned to the character a few times in between other projects.

He illustrated Death Jr. comics, collaborated with Tristan Crane on How Loathsome and illustrated Holly Black’s Good Neighbors graphic novel trilogy from Scholastic. Naifeh also wrote and drew Polly and the Pirates and wrote a sequel which was released earlier this year.

Courtney has always remained Naifeh’s best-loved creation, and this month Oni Press debuts a new full color Courtney Crumrin ongoing series, which serves as both an excellent introduction to Courtney and her world for new readers and a welcome return for those who know her well. Naifeh may have joked that the ten year anniversary of Courtney is making him feel old, but Naifeh remains just as talented a creator and as nice a person as he was when we first met years ago.

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May 2012 08

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“Why the hell did I do it? Probably the money.”
– Peter Falk

Peter Falk toddled into our interview room with that gait and attitude that has become so familiar to the world on his television show Columbo. Clad in his signature Hawaiian shirts he sat down with an ease and grace that belied his 78 years. Falk was there to talk about his latest role in the Paul Reiser penned The Thing About My Folks.

The Thing About My Folks is a hilariously truthful look at family and marriage. It follows a father and son who set out on an impromptu road trip in the wake of mom’s unexpected flight after 47 years of marriage.

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May 2012 07

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“I want to prove a point. That point is: actors are artists, not narcissists…”
– William Hurt

Talking to William Hurt ended up being near to what I expected. I totally counted on him being a total intellectual willing to talk about anything especially the dynamics of acting. But what I didn’’t realize was how nice, cool and friendly a guy he would be. But I suppose it’’s easy to be gracious when promoting a brilliant piece of work like A History of Violence. I won’’t give away what his role is in the flick but he plays it masterfully.

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May 2012 04

by Nicole Powers

“I like the challenge of making something that is risqué, sophisticated, beautiful, and elegant.” – Dita Von Teese

In May of this year Dita Von Teese will embark on an 18-month major North American tour that is the culmination of her 20-year career as a burlesque artist. In line with her passion for presenting the art in its purest form, her “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!” shows will feature a diverse cast of authentic characters alongside four of Dita’s most dazzling sets.

SuicideGirls caught up with the Queen of Teese to talk about her show, her inspirations, and her philosophy on glamour and self-invention.

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May 2012 03

by A.J. Focht

This last week at StarFest 2012 in Denver, I had a chance to sit down with some amazing comic writers including Tony Bedard. Bedard has been writing comics since the ‘90s and is the current writer on Blue Beetle and Green Lantern New Guardians.

A.J. Focht: How do you like working with Kyle Rayner in the Green Lantern New Guardians comic?

Tony Bedard: Credit where credits due, Geoff Johns had the idea to end the first issue by sending a ring of every color to Kyle. We were talking about what I wanted to do with this series, and he was the one at some point that said, ‘Why don’t you end the first issue with a ring of every color coming to him.’ It was the thing that broke open the whole story, and set up this great mystery that we’ve been trying to follow up ever since. We’re going to finish that off by issue twelve, let you know why that happened, and the significance of it.

A.J.: In New Guardians you use rings of most every color. Do you have any plans to do anything with the Black or White Lanterns in New Guardian?

TB: It’s not so much about White Lanterns, but there is a character, the Weaponer, that was in my Green Lantern Core run. He had picked up some of that white energy and put it in his shield and hammer. It’s become this morphing weapon so that whatever he is up against he can change that hammer to meet the situation. He’s going to be in issue #8. He was only going to be in for about one issue, but it has kind of snowballed into a thing where he’s going to stick around for a few more issues and play a big role.

A.J.: That’s good to hear. Since a lot was retconned during the change to the New 52, it was unclear what events from Blackest Night and Brightest Day have actually taken place.

TB: I’m still personally trying to figure out what had changed and what hasn’t. I would say generally that Green Lantern was not revised as much.

A.J.: Do you have any other projects, or are you just sticking with these two?

TB: These are the two right now. We’ve discussed a few other things, but they really haven’t got any traction yet. I’ve been plenty busy and quite happy with what I have right now. We have big plans for Green Lantern. Geoff always has a long term plan, and New Guardians is a big part of that, this whole third army thing that’s coming together. When you look back, you’ll be able to see a lot of what happens in New Guardians is building towards that. We’ve tried to keep the books separate so they each have their own identity, but the Green Lantern books will be intertwining a little bit here in the year to come.

A.J.: Your other book, Blue Beetle is a new take on an old hero. What’s it been like working with that book?

TB: When we started this [the New 52] we wanted to have a comic for everyone.

A.J.: Yeah, there are many niche comics.

TB: Yes. Well I use a lot of Spanglish in the comic, because I am of Puerto Rican decent that’s what it sounded like growing up. It surprised me the responses I got to that. The response from the Hispanic fans who read it was, ‘Yeah, that’s right’ But a lot of other folks who weren’t used to that were like, ‘Okay, we know he’s Mexican, don’t beat us over the head with it.’

A.J.: Do you have any plans to do a crossover with Blue Beetle?

TB: There’s a little crossover in Blue Beetle #9 and New Guardians #9. In Blue Beetle #9, Blue Beetle meets Kyle, and Red Lantern Bleez, and Orange Lantern Globulus on Earth. At the same time in New Guardians #9, the Reach who created Blue Beetles armor will actually be invading the Blue Lantern’s home world, trying to wipe them out and take their power battery. That story actually became so big that it was rolled into two issues. There is a mystery there too as to how Reach found the Blue Lantern home world, because it’s cloaked. Somebody tipped them off. A lot of that stuff, as you look around the lantern verse, happens to all the different cores. It could just be a coincidence, but you start to see a pattern.

A.J.: Do you have plans to expand the reach of Blue Beetle to reach other demographics?

TB: I think mostly we try to keep that as a personal book, to focus on that character. We do have the Green Lantern thing, and actually in issue #10 he is going to meet Booster Gold. But in a way that you would not expect, it’s not the happy meeting everyone will expect. It’s not the same relationship he had with Ted at all.

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Apr 2012 30

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“I have so many ideas that it’s scary.”
– Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon’s television series Firefly was cancelled before it’s time by the FOX network. Now the company that’ owns NBC, Universal Studios, is continuing the adventures of Captain Mal Reynolds and his band of outlaws in the movie, Serenity. It has all the elements that made Whedon’s television works great, such as hot asskicking females, humor with a sly wink, and well thought out scripts, but now it’’s backed by a $40 million budget.

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