Apr 2013 11

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This Thursday April 11th on SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Moxi Suicide will be joined in studio by SG model Bradley Suicide, extreme piercer Chris Saint, and punk rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy. We’ll be talking sex, piercing, and rock & roll – and may be doing two out of three LIVE on air!

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_About Bradley Suicide

Raised to be the epitome of a California Girl, Bradley Suicide has the blonde beach girl thing on lock. She grew up in the town of Sonoma in the heart of California wine country, but just wasn’t cut out for small town life. She got the tattoo and party itch at a young age and hasn’t looked back since.

Upon graduating from culinary school with a degree in Baking and Pastry Bradley moved to Huntington Beach and then, most recently to Las Vegas where she keeps the party going, double fisting drinks and sending ridiculous tweets – all while covered in glitter.

Highlights of Bradley’s days, on the rare occasion that she is not working, include skateboarding, relaxing by the pool (drink in hand), and creeping on people’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. She loves the beach, cheap wine, good beer, spicy food, boys with accents and tattoos, and baseball season.

Bradley has modeled for since 2010, has been featured in Inked Magazine, appears in music videos, and is the writer of the Confessions of A Reluctant Dater column as featured on

For more info find Bradley on SuicideGirls and follow/friend her on Twitter and Facebook.

_About Chris Saint

English born and raised, Chris Saint restarted his piercing career by relocating to Los Angeles in 2007. Working in the heart of Hollywood, Chris focused himself on precision, creativity and presentation, and before long had succeeded in building a solid reputation within the piercing community.

To date Chris’ work, including his surface anchor arrangements, can be seen in publications worldwide, on television networks including MTV, FUSE, OXYGEN, E!, and in music videos by artists such as From First Till Last, Angels & Airwaves & Marilyn Manson.

Chris has been a member of SuicideGirls since 2007, and is now an extremely proud member of the Club Tattoo, Las Vegas Team.

For more info visit Chris’ Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

_About The Fabulous Miss Wendy

After touring with Slash, Hollywood’s punk-inspired rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy is co-headlining the national Femme Fest 2013 tour with Hear Kitty Kitty and openers The Theodora Kelly Project and Mahi Gato. Wendy is taking to the highways in support of her new album No One Can Stop Me!” (Not Dead Yet Records), produced by the legendary Kim Fowley (The Runaways).

No One Can Stop Me! is a street-level battle cry that resonates from the underbelly of Hollywood. The opening title track of the album speaks to Wendy’s unbeatable determination and passion while “Miami” is the true story of sultry adventures and steamy parties under the hot Florida sun. Her song “Silicon Assassin” is also the theme song for the new sci-fi web series by the same name and starring Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica).

In true DIY style, Wendy initially turned to Kickstarter to complete the funding for her album. She got it from 112 backers and then hit the studio with producer Kim Fowley who, among many other accomplishments, discovered The Runaways.

Wendy started her music career with only $20, but she was eventually nominated for LOGO’s “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” weekly contest alongside videos by the likes of Lady Gaga. Wendy did two tours of duty to play for American troops in Iraq before going on to tour with Slash.

For more info visit Wendy’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

ICYMI: The recorded of our April 11t show featuring SG model Bradley Suicide, extreme piercer Chris Saint, and punk rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy is now up on Ustream and can be viewed via the player below.

Video streaming by Ustream

Apr 2013 10

by Alexander Hinkley

[Asio in Zelda]

Asio is this week’s Gamer Of The Week. She grew up playing a variety of video games as a kid and is still a retro gamer at heart. I spoke with her about some of her favorite games and also found out a few of her other geeky hobbies.

Tell me about your SuicideGirls nickname “Asio.” What does it mean?

Ha! I love that question. I never get asked what it means. I’m an owl fanatic. If you Google the word “Asio” you will find that there are two kinds of owls with Latin names that start with Asio: Asio flammeus and Asio Otis. My first tattoo was one of an owl. I love owls (and yes there is a very heartwarming story about my grandpa (RIP) who gave me that nickname but people usually don’t care about that).

How did you first get into nude modeling?

My dear friend MissKrone (she’s a member on SG, too) started to learn how to photograph and since we lived very close I somehow became her willing victim. We experimented a lot and started to do pinup shoots and the some latex photos and one day – oops! – I was naked. Things like that just happen, no?

Your profile says you’re from Germany. Ever met Fraise Suicide?

Of course, We live across the country but we have met twice and like all German SuicideGirls, we’re completely in love with each other. Can’t wait to see her again. Also, we have so much in common (OMG Jeffrey Campbell shoes!).

What are some of your favorite games?

That’s a tough one. I grew up being a computer gamer but I also had a hand held. I think I got my first Game Boy at the age of seven or eight and played Mario Land 2 until my mommy was really mad at me. I loved Monkey Island a lot, especially The Curse of Monkey Island. I’m also a huuuuuge Zelda fan, though I’m not so much into the Nintendo DS versions. Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are my favorites and I’m dying to play Skyward Sword but I’m pretty retro so I don’t own any consoles younger than 10 years, haha. I still might have to get Wii some day.

I love Persona 3 and The Path, which is an independent horror game that is brilliantly made. I also like Zoo Tycoon because of the cute animals! Another of my favorites is Shadow of the Colossus because I prefer games with a good story and an awesome setting. And nothing beats a good round of good ol’ Pokémon or Mario Kart, the latter especially when drunk!

You said you played Mario Land 2 until your mom got mad at you. What happened?

I was a total bookworm as a child so my mom was very used to me staying up late with a pocket light under my blanked to read. When I got the Game Boy, I spent more time with “that stupid box” than with my books, which my mom didn’t really appreciate. I even tried to explain to her that Tetris was training my brain but she didn’t want to listen. So one day she caught me playing Mario Land around midnight and took the Game Boy away for two weeks. Sad me. At least I still had my books and a lot of friends who let me use their Game Boys in school, haha.

Being that you’re an owl lover, have you ever played Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole on DS?

Nah, I haven’t. I’m not so much into games that are made from movies except for Harry Potter because I’m just totally into everything Potter connected. But I might look for some reviews to decide if it’s worth buying!

What games are you currently playing?

To be honest, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 for PS2, haha. It was my favorite game back when I was a skateboard kid so playing one of those gets me nostalgic. Sadly I’m slacking lately, I don’t really have enough time to sit down and concentrate on a game. But I’m also playing Pokémon Pearl on DS. I play that while being in the bathtub and desperately try not to drown my DS, haha.

As someone who has never skate boarded in his life I’ve always wondered, how realistic are the Tony Hawk games?

Haha, they’re not realistic at all. THPS doesn’t know what gravity is. The game is three thousand gazillion times easier than skateboarding. On the other hand, it wouldn’t really be fun otherwise. It’s much safer too, obviously. I can’t even count how many scars I have been rewarded with during the three or four years I’ve been into it.

How many retro consoles do you own?

I own a Super Nintendo that was bought new in our family so I am the first owner! Then I have a Nintendo 64, which I bought two years ago, and a PlayStation 1 and 2. We also have a lot of handhelds; my old grey Game Boy that sadly died some years ago, two Game Boy Colors, and a Nintendo DS, which is not really that retro anymore. There’s my Dreamcast, which also died some years ago. Then my boyfriend has a C64 which needs some fixing and isn’t in use right now.

Do you have any other nerdy hobbies or interests outside of video games?

Ha, yup! I’m a total Potterhead, a walking Harry Potter wiki and I even collect film replicas. I have also been cosplaying for four years now. I love making costumes and going to conventions with my friends. Besides that, I write fan fiction and I used to draw when I had more time on my hands. I always love to try new stuff so currently I’m learning how to play the bass (but I suck).

What are some of the characters you have cosplayed?

My first cosplay was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and I have cosplayed as Bulma from Dragon Ball, Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Aigis from Persona 3, just to name a couple. My favorite cosplay is the Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I put over 100 hours of work in that one.

What is your favorite convention to attend?

My favorite convention is the Connichi in Kassel. It’s the biggest German manga and anime convention and my friends and I go there each year (only this year I had to skip it). I’ll be going again next year, cosplaying as the Black Mage from Final Fantasy: Tactics along with a group of other mages, yay.

Any other plans for future cosplays?

Aside from the Black Mage, I plan on doing some of my own designs for the next convention in March, a Sagittarius for example. I am also planning to do a cosplay of Canute of Vinland Saga, which is a not so popular manga about Vikings but has a very great story and art. I highly recommend it. I do a lot of not so popular cosplays lately, haha.

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Apr 2013 04

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This Thursday April 4th on SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Moxi Suicide will be joined in studio by Scott Griffin of the legendary LA Guns.

You can listen – and watch – the world’s leading naked radio show live on Thursday nights from 6 til 8 PM at our new state-of-the-art all digital home:

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Apr 2013 03

by SG’s Team Agony feat. Clio

Let us answer life’s questions – because great advice is even better when it comes from SuicideGirls.

[Clio in Born Into A Light]

Q: My name is Giusuno Cornetto [real name redacted – continue on to understand why!] and if the name doesn’t say it then I’ll tell you; I’m a 100% bona-fide Italian from a large Italian family. I’m a 100% bona-fide Italian from a large Italian family. I don’t discriminate and I love all women, but if I could marry an Italian and have little Italian babies it would be awesome.

Recently I began dating an au pair from Tuscany. She couldn’t be more perfect. She has beautiful tan skin, great looks from her face to her toes, and, most of all, she adores me. She is different from my usual type, which is someone like myself, tattoos, piercings, and dreadlocks, but it’s great that she is not like that because most of the girls I’ve dated are either too immature, too wild, or are not on the same page. However, there is one problem in the bedroom and it’s a big one. Her vagina is rank.

I’m sorry there’s no other way to say it, but it’s out of control even for a free spirit like myself. I loved my hippies, as in just a natural scent – sweaty, salty, with no desire to shave the kitty ¬ it turns me on. I don’t know what to do or how to break the news to her. I love putting my mouth on everything especially her pussy, and without being able to lick her off the relationship has little hope. When she gets wet I can smell her even more and the worse part about it is she doesn’t notice anything wrong which can only mean that she is used to it. What do I do?

A: Thanks for sharing this delicate dilemma. I hope your girlfriend/potential bambini-maker isn’t a member of SuicideGirls and doesn’t decide to Google your name because she’s not going to be a happy signorina when she reads this about her farfallina. But anyway, from what you wrote it sounds like either she just has a very strong natural scent, or she could have a vaginal infection that’s causing a funky odor.

If she has a vaginal infection she should see a medical specialist pronto! If that’s not the case I suggest trying to get her fragrant figa under control by adopting a more serious approach to feminine hygiene. There’s a lot of info about that online so I’m not going to bore you with details about how to keep your patatina clean.

However, you probably could use some advice on how to break the news to her that you’d rather eat a moldy cannoli than munch on her box. I would tell her delicately (do not use the word ‘rank’ unless you wanna get slapped) that her natural scent is a bit strong and that maybe she could wash before you engage in sexual activity. If you think that’s too direct, you can suggest taking a shower together before having sex and see if that makes going down on her more palatable.

In bocca al lupo!



Got Problems? Let SuicideGirls’ team of Agony Aunts provide solutions. Email questions to:

Apr 2013 01

by Nicole Powers

“It’s a weird movie, which is good.”
– Rob Zombie

The Lords of Salem is one hell of a rockin’ horror flick. Written and directed by Rob Zombie – whose feature credits include House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and Halloween I and II – the masterfully textured and paced film puts a timeless new spin on the mythology surrounding the Salem witch trials. It stars Rob’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, who plays Heidi Hawthorne, a local radio station DJ. The spirits of Salem start to stir when Heidi gives airplay to a sheet of vinyl she receives in a mysterious wooden crate, which comes with a cryptic note that merely says it’s “a gift from the Lords.”

After spooking ourselves silly watching a preview, during which we literally jumped out of our seat and squealed on several occasions, we met up with Rob, who’d just returned from Austin where he’d screened the film during SXSW. We spoke in depth about The Lords of Salem and also got the skinny on his new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, which comes out four days after the film’s April 19th theatrical release.

Read our interview with Rob Zombie on


A Message From Rob Zombie:

Win a walk on role in Rob Zombie’s next movie and a VIP Concert Experience package. Visit for full details.

Mar 2013 27

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[Above: “Good Life” by Jeff Hilliard feat. Moxi Suicide’s NSFW bewbs!]

This Thursday March 28th on SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Moxi Suicide will be joined in studio by two awesomely entertaining gentlemen that rock exceedingly hard – Billy Morrison and Jeff Hilliard.

You can listen – and watch – the world’s leading naked radio show live on Thursday nights from 6 til 8 PM at our new state-of-the-art all digital home:

You’ll also be able to listen to our podcasts via Stitcherdownload the app now!

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About Billy Morrison

From playing guitar in the Los Angeles based all-star band Camp Freddy, through joining rock band The Cult on their 2001 reunion, to writing and recording with his own bands Stimulator (signed to Geffen Records in 1995), Doheny, Circus Diablo (signed to Koch Records, 2007), releasing his own solo material, and now currently playing guitar for Billy Idol, Billy Morrison makes music at all levels. With Camp Freddy, he has shared stages with some of the world’s greatest musicians from Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler, Slash, and Robbie Williams to Lou Reed, Ronnie Wood, Jerry Cantrell and many, many more. Joining with Billy Idol and Steve Stevens solidified Morrison as a powerful and creative rhythm guitar player.

Billy is one of the founding members of celebrity supergroup Camp Freddy, along with Dave Navarro, Matt Sorum, Chris Chaney and Donovan Leitch. The band attracts guest performances from all areas of music and have appeared on many US television shows including Craig Kilborn, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Sharon Osbourne and Carson Daly.

Billy Morrison also hosted Camp Freddy Radio, a regular Saturday evening radio show for five years on Indie 103.1FM in Los Angeles, along with his co-hosts, Dave Navarro and Matt Sorum. Nominated for best radio show by the LA Weekly, the show garnered much attention for its irreverent chat and non-formulaic playlists. He also hosted the award ceremony for his friend, Ozzy Osbourne at the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Morrison has toured extensively around the world and continues to write, record and perform in many areas of the entertainment business. He played guitar on some of the tracks on Tommy Lee’s solo album “Tommyland – The Ride,” has co-written songs with a number of different artists (including Robbie Williams, Billy Duffy, Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan, Steve Stevens, Billy Idol, Corey Taylor, Glen Ballard and Jed Leiber), and also writes and records music for TV.

He began acting in 2007, and has numerous independent movies credits. He was featured as a guest star on the hit show, Californication, and plays a character called “Hollywood” in the movie K-11, which was written and directed by Jules Stewart.

Having completed a successful 2012 European tour with Billy Idol, and alongside performances with Camp Freddy at both the Democratic AND Republican National Conventions this year, Morrison is contributing to the writing of a new Billy Idol record (along with Idol and Steve Stevens) and plans more acting appearances and Camp Freddy performances in the near future. He will be on the road with Billy Idol in the United States this coming summer.

About Jeff Hilliard

As a satirical comedic innovator, Jeff Hilliard’s provocative point of view on the dark, twisted reality of modern-day society proves his creativity knows no bounds. His controversial music videos have garnered millions of views and recently been promoted by the likes of Charlie Sheen, Russell Brand and Tommy Lee.

With his unique blend of social commentary and songwriting, Hilliard collaborated with a number of musicians including The Dead Kennedy’s’ D.H. Peligro and Inger Lorre of The Nymphs and joined forces with Chevelle on making two music videos, one of which had its world premiere on MTV2. Hilliard’s music video for “Balls” featured Steve-o (Jackass) and another featured a miraculous “Cock That Heals!” He worked with Jeordie White a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle) to develop his most recent release “Good Life,” which has been hailed by Billy Morrison as “the most outrageous, wrong, socially unacceptable music video I’d ever seen – and that is what makes it UTTER GENIUS!”

Beginning his career in the world of stand-up, Hilliard has shared the stage with comedic legends such as Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, as well as modern day masters like Dave Chappell, Zach Galifianakis, Mitch Hedburg and Louis CK. After programming a number of successful comedy shows in LA, Hilliard was asked to co-produce the world-famous Playboy Comedy Show in Las Vegas (named Best Comedy Show, Las Vegas Review), which featured numerous top comedians such as Patton Oswalt, Bobcat Goldthwait, Rob Riggle, Daniel Tosh and Andrew Dice Clay. Since then, he has gone on to produce various live and pre-recorded comedy projects, host on-line broadcasts, and currently hosts a radio show for the David Lynch Music Foundation.

With personal influences like Andy Kauffman, Bill Murray and Bill Hicks, Hilliard’s raw, witty approach to an often tired industry sheds a refreshing new light on comedy. Tightrope walking the road less traveled, this small town Kansas turned LA based comedian, director, producer and artist is knocking out one social issue at a time.

Mar 2013 26

by Nahp

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Aeta Suicide in Ready Steady Hoop]

This week Aeta tells us why she loves Hooping.

Members: 179 / Comments: 489

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: I love to hoop. That’s my way to relax and get in a good mood. As I’m dancing tribal fusion, I’m always trying to add something new to my dance. I don’t like to just use someone else’s ideas.

DISCUSSION TIP: I’d love to see more good tutorial links, performance links and of course music links. I know everything’s on Hoopcity, which is a great site, but I want it on the SG group too.

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: At this moment “Hooping challenge–share pics and videos!” is the busiest thread.

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “Months later, still always bruised. haha.” – Vivid Suicide, from an Ask a Hooper thread.

Love you Vivid! Somebody even said that hoopers have to love their bruises.

WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Anyone who is interested in hooping, dance, fitness, etc., or who just wants to check out pictures of hoopers and watch videos.


Mar 2013 25

by Laurelin

Friendships are funny sometimes. I feel like there are so many different kinds of friendships; some strengthen and grow constructively while others fade and eventually cease to exist, even if no event in particular caused them to do so. There are a few different kinds of friends you find while immersed in the bar scene. Those you trust, and those you do not. You learn quickly that sometimes what you choose to tell someone in confidence isn’t in fact in confidence at all. If someone is always telling you secrets about other people, chances are, they are not keeping yours.

The lines and circles between bar scene friends and real friends are only slightly blurred in my world. I have a handful of people I call when I’m down and need to cry, a bigger handful of people I am comfortable talking about general life with, and an even bigger circle of people who I call every time I just want to have fun –– and even those people I know I could talk to about mostly anything. The circles blend, overlap, people often change positioning as friendships strengthen and others fall back. One thing is for sure: real friends tell the truth, even when it’s the last thing you want to hear.

I remember once in college my three best friends sat me down and told me they couldn’t listen to me talk about my ex boyfriend anymore. It had been over a year since we had broken up, I was actively participating in allowing him to cheat on his girlfriend who replaced me and I was in a constant state of upset over it.

“This is YOUR bad choice, you know where we stand,” they said. “We hate to see you getting hurt but when you’re not doing the right thing what do you think is going to happen? You can’t change if you don’t want to.”

That was a wake up call. Hard to hear, but they wanted what was best for me and I should want that too.

I’ve had similar talks with friends over the years, people who I have listened to for far too long dealing with things I knew should be different but weren’t because the person chose to be blind. As friends it is our duty to stand by and be a helping hand when someone is going through a hard time, and every so often we have to reach a little farther and help pull someone up out of hell. It’s exhausting, watching someone fall deeper and deeper into a situation; all you can do is be there for them and hope that the same will be done for you when it’s your turn to stumble.

Last night a friend (after a few drinks) dropped a bomb on me. While chattering about one of the few guys who are currently taking up some space in my mind, my guy friend set his hand on mind and told me to stop talking about it. “I can’t listen to this anymore,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense, it’s not going anywhere and you always do this, wrap your mind up in a fairy tale. This isn’t real, none of this is really happening the way you think it is,” he blurted out.

I froze, wanting to cry. Did I make a mistake, put my trust in talking about something with the wrong person? Has he always felt this way? I listen to him talk about his ex-girlfriend on a daily basis, sometimes wanting to shake him because the things he said or did were so insane, but I never did. I let him rest his head on my shoulder and I said things like, “I know what you’re going through,” because I remember what it’s like to hurt so badly. Now, in one jumbled up sentence every word of encouragement and support I had lent him died on my lips. I felt stupid.

“This isn’t real, none of this is happening the way you think it is…”

I managed a smile, sipped my beer and changed the subject. The night for me, was over.


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