Jul 2010 20

by Nicole Powers

This Sunday we’re excited to have Hypernova in-studio, performing un-plugged tracks live and spinning songs from their debut album, Through The Chaos. [..]

Jul 2010 20

Rem Suicide in Illuminated

  • into: females. trying new things, flowers, kittens, recycling, flirting, kinky business.
  • not into: open relationships, complacency, patronizing, animal abuse, drugs.
  • makes me happy: kitty cats.
  • makes me sad: lost kittens and puppies.
  • 5 things i can’t live without: tooth brush, mascara, camera, sex, love.
  • vices: smoking
  • i spend most of my free time: what free time?

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Jul 2010 19

Steve Niles remains best known for “30 Days of Night,” a three issue comic series that grew into a massive hit and later a successful film. Since then Niles has written a number of sequels to the book, but he’s also moved in different directions including Batman, Simon Dark, Criminal Macabre and collaborations with Rob Zombie, Thomas Jane, Richard Corben and Tim Bradstreet. [..]

Jul 2010 19

by Tara Diane

Homemade ‘Guess Who?’ is a super fantastico gift for a friend who has everything and appreciates unique gifts.  I’m personally a board game junkie, and since I absolutely kick ass at ‘Guess Who?’ (yes, I’m bragging about being good at an “ages 6-12” game) I decided to make a customized board for myself.  Whatever you choose to do with your board… enjoy!  Now, on with the directions. [..]

Jul 2010 19

Liu Suicide in Alphaville

  • into: nerds, perverts and freaks satan and jesus
  • not into: bad and stupid persons
  • makes me happy: good feelings
  • makes me sad: bad feelings
  • hobbies: write, art and fuck
  • 5 things i can’t live without: beer, love for all you do and myself
  • vices: all
  • i spend most of my free time: rock life, art, wild sex, ice cream, beer, love

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Jul 2010 19

by Alana Joy

The Suicide Girls have teamed up with UnderShare Inc. to bring Los Angeles a lingerie fashion show that will knock your socks off (and give them to those who need them more than you do!). UnderShare Inc. is a volunteer based charity dedicated to providing new undergarments and toiletries to Los Angeles shelters that assist the homeless, and women and children escaping domestic violence situations. [..]

Jul 2010 18

by Bob Suicide

It’s widely known that “us” Geeks are prominent enough and important enough to warrant an entire culture unto ourselves. Vast fortunes have been made in the tech industry by attempting to appeal to and follow the movement of our very own: Geek Culture. Like the Greeks before us, we have left a deep imprint on every facet of general society. Movies, magazines, music…it’s safe to say (and it’s okay to cringe when you say it) Geek is [now] chic. [..]

Jul 2010 16

Annaleigh Suicide in Wallflower

  • into: Hikes, surprises, warm showers and fast food. 🙂
  • not into: dudes bro…
  • makes me happy: my puppy, my macbook, my family, my best friend, candles
  • makes me sad: my boss, christianity bible humpers, thiefs, grumpy people, fruity gum
  • hobbies: hiking, swimming, cowboys ;), line dancing eating
  • 5 things i can’t live without: cell phone, chapstick, ipod, macbook, a job
  • vices: weed, alcohol on occasion, sex.
  • i spend most of my free time: College classes work and being a bum 🙂

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