Mar 2013 18

by Nicole Powers

Artist / SG Member Name: Luis Tinoco a.k.a. Xtinocox

Mission Statement: To create things with style. Style is the answer to everything. Style is a difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.

Medium: Anything – oils, charcoal, mixed media, Photoshop, etc.

Aesthetic: To create something that is beautiful, that stimulates the senses and that evokes a feeling that is personal to the viewer.

Notable Achievements: Creating better work with each piece I finish.

Why We Should Care: Without art, life would be a mistake.

I Want Me Some: Visit or


Feb 2013 19

by Zach Roberts

Eros Hoagland is a photojournalist. His portfolio includes Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, Haiti, Rio and Juarez. He’s seen the shit that you don’t want to – but need to and his memories are tagged NSFW.

Basically if it’s dangerous and there’s things to photograph, he’ll be there sooner or later. He’ll tell you he’s not an action photographer. It’s more about the aftermath for him. He’s been shot at however, well, he’ll say something to the extent that guns have been fired around him.

When I caught up with him via cell phone he was walking the streets of Tijuana, about 10 minutes into the conversation he starts laughing saying he just spotted a tattooed and pierced ‘SuicideGirl.’

I’ve seen his work in magazines and on news sites but as with most photographers, the photos don’t ever get attached to a name and a face – just a listing of the agency, maybe a last name. So when I heard that HBO was doing a series on photojournalists called Witness, in part on a guy named Eros Hoagland, I did a quick image search and re-discovered his work.

It’s not what you’d think; colors are drained, sometimes down to black and white. He shoots a lot with an iPhone. “I could give a shit about what other people think about what cameras I use.” He tells me cell phone shots allow him to get more real moments. “People don’t even know… their body language is completely different. The iPhone erases all of that.”

I’m not sure if Apple would want to use this as an endorsement. Hipstamatic might want too though. He says there’s “something very interesting about the way it compresses layers.” Indeed, he’s convinced me to go back to the app and drop Instagram.

Eros is not your traditional combat photographer, he’s more of a combat photo-essayist. He lays out a scene…there’s abstract shots, people’s faces are often obscured. He tells a story…”I’m not there to tell you what’s happening, I’m there to show you what I saw, what’s happening to me…you can come upon your own conclusion.”

One of the big dangers photographing in a place like Juarez – outside of direct violence – is the effect that you might have on the people after their photo is taken. Someone’s photograph showing up in a paper might endanger that person’s life, so Eros works abound that, shooting them in shadows, or with a slight blur. He’ll also do this for stylistic reasons, “[It] helps me convey a sense of mystery,” he explains. “I like people to look at pictures and say hmmm what’s going on here.” And they do. His photos convey the feel of the moment better than even video might (which he does as well).

His work from the Mexican border is coming together as a book called Reckoning at the Frontier. Some of the photos you see here will be in it. Reckoning at the Frontier will be more than just a portfolio book, he’s brought on a writer, Myle Estey (CNN, Global Post, VICE), who’s worked extensively in the borderlands to add essays and context to the photos.

Before we lost connection on our cells (me in Alaska, Eros in Tijuana) he said that he’d love to photograph SuicideGirls in his journalistic style, so if you’re in the San Diego area hit him up!

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Feb 2013 15

by Nicole Powers

Artist / SG Member Name: Barry Quinn a.k.a. Mooliki

Mission Statement: My practice and the subject of my work has changed quite a lot over the years. I’ve always been drawn to use natural forms, the human body, trees, textures in nature, to convey feeling and idea in an image, using these shapes to tell a personal, emotive story. But environmental and political concerns have increasingly become the driving force behind a lot of what I do. Much of it is simply trying to make sense of the world around me, the problems and challenges the world faces and understanding my own part in that. I would consider my work as a sort of visual diary of this process, that tends to take the form of character-based illustration. I place as much value on sketches and writings as I would finished paintings. My main aim, in regards how I present it to others, is to hopefully communicate some of the more visceral concepts and feeling behind an image.

I hold in high regard any form of art that can deal with genuine emotion over life’s struggles and experiences and present it as something perfectly necessary and natural. There’s something tremendously cathartic about that sort of acceptance of the darker side of life. Like with great children’s stories, old blues and folk songs, or the best films, I appreciate the sort of art that says life is cruel, tough and unkind, and still absolutely amazing and beautiful and worth experiencing. If I get a fraction of that out of a drawing, I’m happy.

Medium: For larger pieces I would mainly use acrylic on canvas or wood. Smaller pieces would be in pen, pencil and watercolor. I work primarily on found, recycled or waste materials.

Aesthetic: Larger figure paintings like the SG portraits tend to be quite free in form with a lot of focus on the body shape and textures. I like building up textures with light layers, lots of water and scraping. It’s generally a messy, expressive activity involving paint-covered hands and feet and a general lack of structured method. If I’m working on smaller format it’s usually the opposite, slow, methodical work with focus on tiny detail, while maybe trying to illustrate a broader story. Lately drawing is very heavily influenced by the aesthetic surrounding folk and fairy tales, and I’ve always had heavy influence from both traditional and contemporary Asian art. I grew up reading comics and watching manga films, later Studio Ghibli animation and then the old Chinese watercolors. I love that mix you find in traditional Chinese and Korean art; minimal scenes but full of feeling and depth and story. I think the characters I draw would be very influenced in form by the Japanese anime/manga style.

Notable Achievements: My achievements would be pretty modest to date. I’ve exhibited with various groups around Dublin, where I used to live, taken part in art events at festivals and gigs, but I tend to stick to the DIY-driven, artist-run establishments. I’ve little formal training in art and I’ve never been drawn to that more academic side of the art industry. Achievements for me are when a band or musician wants to use my work for an album, or someone wants to blog about it, or someone simply wants to buy something. I’m working on an illustrated story at the minute. If I manage to get that to materialize some time next year, that’ll be a pretty decent achievement.

Why We Should Care: I would always look at art as a way of people working out that stuff in our heads that we otherwise don’t know how to express. Whether it’s with music, visual art, performance, it’s a way for a more subconscious part of our selves to say, “Hey, this is what I think is going on.” I always try to give way to that sort of unabridged honesty, and whether its abstract or illustrative, my work would generally come from a very personal place. I think anyone who creates with honesty and passion is going to produce something special and unique, it’s a story you’re telling, and for me that’s what always makes art interesting.

I Want Me Some: You can see more of my work on my portfolio site, and buy prints via Society6 and Etsy.


Jan 2013 15

by Nicole Powers

[Bruise Suicide in La Bruja]

Artist / SG Member Name: Bruise Suicide

Mission Statement: My mission is to rule the world but…My work is pure catharsis. They are pieces of me and represent my personal journey, my own process. I enjoy creating them like nothing else and it is really nice to know other people enjoy looking at them and appreciate them.

Medium: Watercolors, acrylics and charcoal on wood or cotton paper (mostly).

Aesthetic: A sort of sexy silence. Topless girls with no mouth.

Notable Achievements: Well, my mom loves them : )

Why We Should Care: Because it is mine and it is sexy.

I Want Me Some: I don’t do this to make any money whatsoever. It is not a full time job so I don’t really sell my artwork BUT, I do like to get involved in other people’s creative processes and/or inspire and be inspired by others. If anyone wants to trade or collaborate, I am open to new ideas, just message me.


Dec 2012 14

by Nicole Powers

Artist / SG Member Name: Rudy Calheiros / rudycalheiros

Mission Statement: My name is Rudy but I’m not rude…I’m from Brazil, a land that inspires creativity and art. I graduated in publicity, am an ex-rockstar, and want to take over the world. The main goal of my work is to communicate and express my point of view while maintaining a consistent style. My art features characters with a strong personality. I also portray people (specially the strange ones, I love weird people) in different ways.

Medium: Most of my work is done digitally using digital painting and vectors. But I’m also always doodling in my sketchbook with pencil and markers.

Aesthetic: Cartoons of different people with remarkable style.

Notable Achievements: Development illustrations for advertising, personal projects like my cartoon band “The Motherfuckers From Hell” and some publications on blogs.

Why We Should Care: My work is based on real people with their own style and personality. You can always identify with my characters. I like to give them musical features, especially rock & roll.

I Want Me Some: You can contact me via SuicideGirls, my website, and on Facebook. I’m also on Twitter (@rudycalheiros and @motherfuckersfh). More of my work can be viewed on and


Nov 2012 13

SuicideGirls Special Promotion.

SuicideGirls have teemed up with celebrated artist Brian M. Viveros to offer you the chance to win one of the rocking designer T-shirts from his brand new men’s and women’s clothing collections.

Viveros is internationally embraced for his dark and evocative oil, airbrush, acrylic and ink paintings of seductive, doe-eyed beauties. His work has been in numerous gallery exhibitions all over North America and Europe, and his celebrity fans include Metallica and David Lynch.

To enter, head over to SuicideGirls’ Facebook page and share this post featuring the above photo of Ackley Suicide wearing her Viveros T. While you’re on Facebook, like the Viveros Brand Clothing page, and be sure to checkout the super hot “SuicideGirls wear Viveros” slideshow at

You must be aged 18 or over to enter. The competition closes at midnight PST on Thursday, November 15th, so be sure to share Ackley’s picture before then! Two winners will be selected at random. The winners will be announced on Friday, November 16th at noon PST.

Good Luck!

Oct 2012 24

by Blogbot

Artist / SG Member Name: Odio_One a.k.a. Sean Moore, Thotskee, Seantheflashguy, sSeantheflexguy, Rest, and Sink.

Mission Statement: To purvey the beauty in life through creative expression. To visually express the dichotomy, hypocrisy, contradiction and irony of life through juxtaposition. To expose the hidden and true beauty that’s shrouded by fabrication and facade. To continue doing the next right thing for the right reason. To be honest, remain open-minded and remain humble, always. To be present and mindful. To enjoy my time on this earth. I don’t take shit from anyone, ever, for any reason. SuicideGirls’ purpose, meaning and delivery are an amazing source of inspiration that I have great respect for.

Medium: Acrylic, aerosol, graphite, illustration markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, traditional calligraphy tools, ink (straight up or in various pens/markers), Montana Paint markers, walls, paper, canvases, canvas boards, found objects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, SuicideGirls.

Aesthetic: Beauty doesn’t fit into a box. No one should force feed some vision of beauty on anyone else. It should be left for the individual to seek and come to understand in their own time and along their own path. 

Notable Achievements: Being asked to submit my artwork to this website. Creating one of the first, legit graffiti and underground hip-hop websites. Getting my artwork into a gallery.

Why We Should Care: My work is current, original, controversial, refined and urban. Some of it resembles a murder scene, some of it is graffiti, some of it is calligraphy, some of it is what I call “rage art,” inspired by one of my therapists. A lot of my art contains the unmatched beauty of various women on this website. All of my art is inspired by intense, deep emotions. I’ve lived an interesting life, to say the least. It’s truly a miracle I’m still alive…I’ll leave it at that.

I Want Me Some: Some of my work is in the art gallery at Blick until the end of October.You can see it there. I also just got an Etsy account set up and some of my work is available for sale on it. I’ve also worked as a logo, website and print designer in addition to doing illustration work. If anyone has the need for custom, urban style illustration or design work feel free to get in touch.
Endless thank you’s for presenting my work on this website. It’s truly an honor. Shout out to the small handful of people who’ve supported my artwork. It really means a lot and you all have my love and support. For more info visit:


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