Jun 2012 05

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[Kemper and Bob in Droids You’re Looking For]

Suicide Girls love getting dressed up almost as much as they like taking their clothes off. San Diego’s monster Comic-Con event is therefore a major highlight on our calendar each year, since it’s an excuse to play dress up.

This year we’re cooking up an extra-special Comic Con cosplay wardrobe, with a little help from clothing manufacturer and retailer American Apparel, pop-culture event planners Bubble Punch, and our fave Sunset Strip geek emporium, Meltdown Comics.

Comic chic chicks Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja of Bubble Punch will be designing a series of three different sexy cosplay themed outfits for our ladies to wear while they man our Comic-Con booth. Each of the outfits will be made using basics available at your local American Apparel store. We’ll also be producing “How To” videos with the help of our friends from Meltdown so you can recreate the costumes the Suicide Girls will be wearing to Comic Con at home.

The three “How to” videos – one for each SG cosplay costume – will be posted on SuicideGirls’ Facebook page in June. The costumes will then be debuted live at a special pre-Comic Con party to be held at Meltdown Comics on July 7th. Follow @SuicideGirls on Twitter for up to the minute news, updates, and photos.

You can also catch our ladies in their unforgettable cosplay outfits at booth #1730 of Comic Con San Diego 2012. If you’re planning on attending the convention on more than one day, be sure to come back and visit us again, since our team of sexy booth girls will be cosplaying new outfits each day!

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May 2012 01

by Tita Suicide

Vancouver experienced it’s first Fan Expo April 21st thru 22nd, giving local comic book fans, gamers, pop culture enthusiasts, and SuicideGirls the chance to experience a Comic Con first hand. In the past year, a whole new crop of VanCity SuicideGirls went pink, and they were stoked to join the other BCSG’s at our booth over the weekend.

It was such fun to see the look on everyone’s faces when R2D2 and Darth Vader arrived! The sight of Aadie, Alkaline, Ceres, Cruella, Femme, Harajuku, Peatrie, Rydell, and Yulia posing with their Star Wars heroes caused quite a stir.

The ensuing pictures illustrate the excitement, cosplay, fun, and silliness that went on at the Vancouver Convention Centre, inside the SuicideGirls booth, and at the #SGTAKESVANCITY after party.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to share in the fun!! Be sure to catch the SuicideGirls at the Philadelphia Comic Con May 31st, to June 3, 2012.


Apr 2012 13

by Fred Topel

“My personal preference is space armor.”
– Holly Conrad, cosplayer

One of the most impressive aspects of San Diego Comic-Con is the annual masquerade, where cosplayers show off their creative designs. Everyday people create the images of comic book, movie and video game characters with costumes rivaling big Hollywood productions. For his documentary on Comic-Con, Morgan Spurlock chose one cosplay artist to follow for a portion of the film.

Holly Conrad designed an entire ensemble of Mass Effect costumes for the 2010 masquerade. Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope follows Conrad from designing the costumes in her garage through assembling them on stage, as one of four stories surrounding the convention. Spurlock also follows a group of artists seeking mentorship, a comic book shop owner and a couple of geeks in love.

Conrad is one of the film’s breakout stars. Simply from the ingenuity of her Mass Effect costumes, producers of the Mass Effect movie offered her a job as a consultant on the film. Everywhere she goes in her Shepard costume, she stands out and gets compliments from impressed onlookers. That includes driving to the film’s Los Angeles press junket. Conrad planned to give all her interviews in costume, so she was suited up as she drove to Beverly Hills one Thursday morning. We spoke with her by phone, her very first interview of the day, to celebrate the glory of cosplay. She also wore her costume to the film’s Hollywood premiere.

Read our exclusive interview with Holly Conrad on

Aug 2011 03

by A.J. Focht

Strange things are happening over at Marvel Comics as a Doctor Strange movie is in motion. Marvel Studios already exploited their rights to most of the mainstream heroes, and, as they look toward the studio’s future, they’re going to have to start pulling from the lesser known source material. It looks like Doctor Strange is going to be the first of them, tentatively seeing a 2013 release date.


Jul 2011 28

by A.J. Focht

It was the comic world that ruled geek news this last week as San Diego Comic Con was in full swing. Major players from all realms of nerdom gathered to share their latest updates. With such a huge event, I can’t possibly cover all the announcements, but here’s a full recap for your convenience.

Marvel Studios made a good call releasing Captain America: The First Avenger along with all the con hype. It took the box office this weekend making $65.1 million, but still shy of Thor’s $65.7 million opening weekend. And while Comic Con may have helped boost Captain America’s sales in America, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 continues to enchant the rest of the world.

Out of all the videos released at this year’s Comic Con, the trailer for The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra was one of the most anticipated (see above). The brand new video gives just over a minute’s look at the world of Avatar some 70 years after Aang.


Jul 2011 26

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“Comic Con + Suicide Girls = Probably one of the best weekends of my life.”
– Rlei Suicide

Continuing our tradition of cosplay at Comic Con, this year SuicideGirls rocked outfits inspired by a ‘historical’ character from Issue 2 of the new SG Comic (see top left) as drawn by Cameron Stewart (he and Missy came by the booth and signed copies of the comic for fans – see pic top right). The costumes, which were whipped up by Junker Designs, were such a hit the ladies of booth 1632 even made the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Comic Con photo gallery!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi! We hope you had as much fun as we did.


For more images check out our SG at SDCC photo gallery.
(Images courtesy of Ackley, Bob, Callioppe, Chris Gore, Drama, Exning, KingMuerte, Lolana, Milloux, Radeo, Rambo, Rlei, Seena, Tank, and Tita.)


Jul 2011 20

by A.J. Focht

Muggles made Hollywood magic last weekend as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 took the weekend box office, and made box office history. Deathly Hallows had the largest midnight release ever, with $43.5 million earned that night, shattering The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s previous record of $30 million. Sparkly vampires suffered further at the hands of the wizarding world as Deathly Hallows also broke The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s opening day record, raking in $92.1 million in the US. It doesn’t stop there; Harry Potter nabbed the opening weekend record from The Dark Knight with $168 million. The entire world showed its approval as it collectively shelled out $475.5 million to see the Harry Potter series – putting it one-sixth of the way to James Cameron’s Avatar lifetime gross record in just one weekend!


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