Feb 2012 23

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Artist / SG Member Name: Lil Tuffy

Mission Statement: Tuffy doesn’t really do the mission statement thing. That’s why he left the corporate world. He says his mission is to never work in a cubicle again.

Medium: Screen-print/mixed-media.

Aesthetic: Although his aesthetic changes frequently, there is always a cohesive style that’s makes a piece unmistakably his. He’s generally known for his use of found imagery, typography, minimal use of colors and negative space.

Notable Achievements: CBGB’s 30th Anniversary poster, work included in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame archives. Just released 500th gig poster. About to release limited edition line of messenger bags and T-shirts for Chrome Bags.

Why We Should Care: Tuffy is the perfect example of “do what you love and success will follow.” What started as a hobby 10 years ago is now a full-time career designing entire poster series for bands like Pavement and St. Vincent. His artwork and gig posters are exhibited all over the world with shows scheduled in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, Barcelona, Hamburg and more in 2012.

I Want Me Some: Visit:,, and


Feb 2012 16

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[Nahp Suicide]

Artist / SG Member Name: Jake Prendez a.k.a. Tattoo_Jake

Mission Statement: I live because of art. It was my avenue out of gangs, it was there for me when my mom was sick, it was there for me during all my break ups. It has always been my outlet that has allowed me to express what I couldn’t say in words. I was raised to leave a place better then when I got there and I try to use my talents to make this world a little bit better.

Medium: Mostly Acrylic and aerosol.

[Carrina Suicide]

Aesthetic: My style is heavily influenced by street and subversive art, Chicano/indigenous culture, Los Angeles, and social justice movements.

Notable Achievements: Despite having dyslexia, despite constantly being told by teachers that I’d never make it, despite having a drug and alcohol addicted parent, despite being involved in gangs, despite being a father at 19, I was able to graduate from college and enter a masters program. Last December I was able to go to Guanajuato Mexico for two weeks to paint two murals for foster youth girls at the Buen Pastor Shelter with ten other LA artists. We were also able to do workshops for the girls on stenciling, photography, graphic design, drawing, and painting.

[Walk Like An Egyptian]

Why We Should Care: I am still lucky enough to be painting for myself so I really don’t care if anyone else likes my work or not. I paint what I want and what I want to see. Art has saved my life and I try to use my gifts to help others, whether it be “at risk” youth or used in social justice campaigns. My goal isn’t to impress collectors but to use my skills to uplift communities.

I Want Me Some: Visit:

[Stigmata Suicide]

[Dia Del Los Muertos]


Feb 2012 09

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Artist / SG Member Name: Zoetica Ebb / Zoetica

Mission Statement: A cosmonomad on a mission to explore uncharted worlds and harvest the strangest of plants for my documentation and public education.

Medium: Oil, ink, graphite, digital – for now. I’m going to be dabbling in sculpture for next year’s Conjoined in 3D exhibit at Copro Nason.

Aesthetic: I’m exploring my fascination with Chapter 8 of À rebours and the concept of alien flora. My paintings are modeled after antiquated botanical illustration.

Notable Achievements: Owner of popular art and style blog, Biorequiem, co-founder of Coilhouse Magazine, designer of the GHST RDR jacket and skirt, creator of custom tattoos, SG staff photographer since 2006. Look for my next piece at the March 17th reception of Gag Me With a Toon at WWA Gallery in Culver City, and check out “Alien Botany” – my brand new limited-edition prints.

Why We Should Care: How many real-life Cosmonomads do you know? Come ON.

I Want Me Some: Visit:


Feb 2012 02

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Artist / SG Member Name: Dylan Borgman / Seahorse

Mission Statement: I decided on portraiture a long time ago at an art museum. I realized how every time I’d look at a painting the first thing I’d ask myself is who is this person and why did someone take the time to paint them? People are fascinated by each other. What are they doing? Why are they doing that? The answer to that can often be found in the person’s face.

That’s how I fell down the rabbit hole. I started painting large oil paintings of people caught in the middle of awkward expressions. My paintings were imposing and bizarre, and while I liked the darkness and the strangeness I could convey with paint, it also dragged me down emotionally. Eventually, I decided that my scope was too narrow and that I wanted to try depicting other emotions you don’t see every day like arousal. So my work suddenly took a turn into photographing Suicide Girls.

It’s not such a strange transition. I’ve always also been a professional photographer. I base my paintings on photography, and ever since I began painting, I’ve been working with real people in uncomfortable situations. What I like about working with Suicide Girls in comparison to most of the so-called “erotic” models is that most of them have no formal modeling training and unlike most gigs, SG lets the community voice their opinions before a model is accepted so you end up with a lot of very motivated, courageous, and unique individuals.

A few months ago, an illustrator and friend of mine, Steve Curucu, who does a lot of nudes, even some with SG’s, inspired me to try another stab at painting. So that’s what I’ve been experimenting with the past few months with some very interesting results.

Medium: I started in oils working on a large scale. Most of my paintings are six feet wide or larger. Then later I got used to a Wacom tablet. Now I use both. My digital artwork is a blend of photography, illustration, and painting, but I don’t limit myself by medium either. I weld, I work with beads, wire, rope, origami, I sculpt in clay, I program, I sew, I develop, I write – the list goes on. And of course I’m a photographer, that’s the other side of my creative life.

Aesthetic: My painting aesthetics tend toward Joseph Turner, Vincent Van Gogh, Chuck Close, and Rembrandt. It’s worth mentioning that they all share the virtue of being incredible color theorists, which is something I aspire to be. CF Payne was a local artist where I grew up and he was a big inspiration for me. His work is photographically based, and he works with multiple mediums layered one on top of another to create beautiful portraits. Illustrators also play a big part of my aesthetic. People like Bill Watterson, Ralph Steadman, and of course my father who is a cartoonist as well, all played a seminal role in getting me interested in art in the first place.

Notable Achievements: My work has been shown at the Cincinnati Museum of Art and the Montgomery Art Center in Claremont, and I received the Golden Galaxy Award in 2001. Articles about me and my work have appeared in The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati Magazine, and Fixie Magazine.

Why We Should Care: I think people intrinsically care about art. You don’t have to tell someone to appreciate a beautiful painting; they do it on their own. I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, art is about communicating to others the emotional energy of a moment that I have experienced. That’s why I use strong colors and iconic expressions. If I’ve done this successfully then others will care because it reminds them of their own feelings or experiences. It’s also why I like SuicideGirls. It’s a community of extremely creative people communicating with one another visually as I do.

I Want Me Some: If you’re interested in prints or originals contact or go to my web site and click “contact.”


Jan 2012 26

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[“Honey” – Manko]

[“Blue So Blue” – Blue]

Artist / SG Member Name: Vivid Vivka a.k.a. Vivid Suicide

Mission Statement: I sling paint, and if someone likes it…that’s a bonus.


Medium: Acrylic, pen, marker, wood, canvas, spray paint, coffee grounds, blood, sweat, spit, tears.

Aesthetic: Naked and distorted. Usually with big hair, empty eyes, a lot of pink.

[“Yellow” – Yellow]

Notable Achievements: I believe three people have my work tattooed on their persons. To me, that’s a helluva achievement and intensely flattering. Ink aside, I have a BFA from the College for Creative Studies, in Detroit, MI. I majored in Illustration with a graphic background. I’ve made pieces for childrens’ hospitals in Detroit, had a few gallery shows, and had my work stolen for a ton of shitty band/party flyers. (Stop. Doing. That.)

Why We Should Care: 9 out of 10 viewers agree: it’s art.

[“The Queen of Crows (and Three Little Insects)”]

I Want Me Some: Much of my past art projects can be found on my DeviantArt (as well as many of my modeling photos). For prints and originals, I sell my work at (more originals up soon…kinda sold out right now). Proper website and webstore to be unveiled with glitter and sparkles around mid 2012.

[“This Time…” – Adria]


Jan 2012 12

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Artist / SG Member Name: Norritt

Mission Statement: Be creative because it’s fun to make stuff. If you’re not making, you’re consuming – and that just gets boring after a while.


Medium: Pen and ink, paint, Photoshop, Vector, photography/photo-manipulation, and various crafts

Aesthetic: Morbid Kawaii is my favorite style but I like to switch it up and try different things. I like making comics the best, it’s just they are time consuming!


Notable Achievements: I was published in the Unite and Take Over book, which is a comic with various stories based on Smith’s songs that can be bought in a lot of comic shops and via Amazon.

Why We Should Care: I try to be varied and change up things to keeps things interesting. I get bored easily so you never know what to expect me to make next!


I Want Me Some: I am located on various internet spots. Most of my art can be found on DeviantArt. is where you can find the zombie cartoon project I’m working on.

My own site will be called It will feature my own web-comic, Paper Heroes, a silly superhero serial, and cosplay photos of models. I’m always open to commissions or proposals for art projects. Email me at:



Jan 2012 05

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[Adria and Temper]


Artist / SG Member Name: Zak Smith / ZakSmith

Mission Statement: I hate it when you’re eating a cheeseburger and then the chef comes out of the kitchen interrupts you eating and goes, “Oh now let me tell you a little bit about why I made a cheeseburger.” Oh wait, I don’t hate that. Because it never happens. Because they never do that. Because that would be stupid.

Medium: Acrylic on paper for the paintings. Ink on paper for the black-and-whites.

Aesthetic: Maximalist.


Notable Achievements: I have a painting in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and it’s a Suicide Girl — Charlie. I drew one picture for every page of Gravity’s Rainbow. I did an illustrated book of true stories about me working in the adult film industry called We Did Porn. I painted 100 Girls and 100 Octopuses and Charles Saatchi bought it and I know that plural is actually grammatically accurate thanks to friends I made 8 years ago on Suicide Girls. Honey Manko Suicide once called me crass.

Why We Should Care: Because throughout a decade of long disconnection and difficult-to-pin-down multimicronichefamousness SuicideGirls is the closest thing to a home I’ve ever had. And even though I went to Yale, been to a million art dinners, and have watched Sasha Grey lick my cum off another girl’s ass, I can still say to this day that most of the smartest, prettiest, and least sane people I’ve ever met and most of my best models are from this little pink pin-up girl website. Actually, that’s why I should care, isn’t it? I don’t know why you should care.

I Want Me Some: My last two books — Gravity’s Rainbow and We Did Porn were published by Tin House Books, my first one, Pictures Of Girls, was with DAP. Both are available through the usual on-line channels and by harassing finer art-book stores near you. The SG store used to sell some very nice full-size posters of my Charlie and Sawa paintings. If you complain a lot they might do some more. My site is