Aug 2010 17

by Andrew E. Konietzky

Prince of Persia is a great popcorn film if not taken too seriously. Based on the video game, the film does a pretty job of bringing the world of the game to life.

Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal), the adopted son of the King of Persia and thus a rogue prince battles it out with pretty much everyone in Persia to save the Time Dagger and his lost honor. Giving the prince an attractive companion is Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) who knows a lot more about the mystical time powers of the dagger and how it has to be guarded for the safety of the universe.


Aug 2010 13

by Damon Martin

“Why do you think nobody’s ever tried to be a superhero before?”

“I dunno. Because it’s impossible.”

Thus the saga of Kick-Ass begins. When social misfit Dave Lizewski sits with his friends one day and ponders why there are no real life superheroes, he decides to take it upon himself to be the first real life vigilante. Ordering a wet suit from eBay, taping up some pipes, and donning a mask and soon Dave is on his way to fame as a superhero.


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