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Above: (Left) OccupyLA’s First GA, October 1, 2011 / (Right) their special May Day GA, May 1, 2012. Both were at Pershing Square in Downtown LA.

We last had the folks from OccupyLA in the SG Radio studio on October 6th, 2011. Since then, a lot has happened for them – and the Occupy movement as a whole.

Back then, OccupyLA’s occupation of the grounds outside City Hall was barely a week old, and no one had much idea of what the future might hold. Certainly few outsiders would have predicted they’d be alive and kicking seven months on.

Though they lost their permanent encampment in early December, 2011, after a brutal police raid, you can’t evict an idea – and OccupyLA had a big one – to mark International Workers’ Day with a massive day of action.

The resolution, which was first tabled by members of OccupyLA in a General Assembly (GA) held in November 2011, was taken up by other occupations nationwide, and on May 1st thousands of people in well over 100 cities participated in the May Day General Strike.

Above: Many experience their first GA on May Day in DTLA.

In Los Angels, the day was marked with marches from the 4 Winds in the North, South, East, and West corners of the sprawling metropolis, which converged with other immigrant/workers rights protests in Downtown LA. A special OccupyLA May Day GA was then held in the evening in Pershing Square, where it all began.

By sundown, Pershing Square was packed, with many new and perspective occupiers experiencing a GA for the first time. The overwhelming sense of camaraderie emitted by the large crowd was palpable, as strangers were quickly united by a common goal and the process of radical and truly representative democracy.

The momentum of the movement (that most in the mainstream seriously underestimate) continues as the focus shifts to Chicago, with large gatherings and protests planned in honor of the People’s Summit, NATO, and the (hastily relocated) G8.

On Sunday, as OccupyLA encamps in the SuicideGirls Radio studio, we’ll be reflecting on May Day, celebrating the many triumphs of the movement, and talking about its future hopes, dreams, and grounded, pragmatic and attainable goals.

For more on OccupyLA visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll also be hearing from our good friend George from Occupy affinity group 99% Solidarity. He’ll be calling in from NYC to give us the skinny on the FREE Chicago bus trips the group is organizing to coincide with the various planned protests there later this month. For more details visit:

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May 2012 01

by Nicole Powers

[Above: Free Speech TV #M1GS Feed]

This #M1GS post will be updated as news comes in throughout the day. We’re working with Media for the 99 Percent to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage. If you have a photo, link, or news item you’d like us to diseminate, please Cc. @SuicideGirls and include the #M1GS hashtag in your tweet. have put together an excellent Checklist for May Day protesters, which includes advice on what to bring, how to deal with the police, and what to do if you find yourself facing arrest.

For a nationwide directory of May Day actions visit:

[Above: OccupyFreedomLA live from DTLA]

Catch the OccupyLA #M1GS Action Via The Following Livestreams:

[Above: Tim Pool aka @timcast live from NYC]

Catch the OccupyNYC #M1GS Action Via The Following Livestreams:

3:03 AM PST: May Day gets off to a flower-powered start as masked protesters distribute thousands of roses and carnations to commuters at London’s Liverpool Street Station. Attached were tags which read: “This flower is a May Day gift from Occupy London. Please put it in water and enjoy it. There is something better out there.”

3:46 AM PST: The NYPD have been doing their homework and studying the history of #M1GS. In a report titled “NYPD Shield: Countering Terrorism Through Information Sharing” (fo’ realz!) they note:

The “General Strike” was initially proposed by the Los Angeles node of OWS in November 2011, endorsed by Occupy Oakland at the end of January 2012, and subsequently endorsed by the OWS New York General Assembly on February 14.

3:53 AM PST: The media lineup to report in NYC (but will their coverage be fair and balanced?). @Occupied_Air reports that “At least 18 Media Vans already line the streets around #BryantPark In preparation for #Mayday events.”

4:18 AM PST: Embrace your inner Pagan and get your Wicker Man on! (But watch the original 1973 version featuring Britt Ekland and not the well dodgy 2006 remake with Nicolas Cage.) May Day is an ancient holiday which celebrates fertility. In Europe traditional rituals include Maypole and Morris dancing.

4:28 AM PST: And tents will fly!. A flying tent is spotted rising above London’s Barbican heading towards Paternoster Sq. Let the spring silliness begin.

5:35 AM PST: We’re with the band. @macfathom reports that unofficial #OWS house band the Rude Mechanical Orchestra is jamming out on “Which Side Are You On.”

6:12 AM PST: First reported #MayDay arrest in NYC at the protest outside the Bank of America at 6th Ave and 50th St. Vietnam vet stands in the middle of street as an act of pre-planned civil disobedience. Keep moving if you don’t want to enrich the prison industrial complex folks.

6:48 AM PST: A woman’s place is in the revolution. Great pic from NYC via Laurie Penny a.k.a. @PennyRed.

9:59 AM PST: 4,000 registered nurses strike in Northern California. Nurses at 10 Sutter Health hospitals walk off the job following a contract dispute that has lasted over a year. CBS reports that “though the strike is only supposed to be one day, the nurses have been told they won’t be allowed back to work until Sunday.”

10:19 AM PST: “Twitter is over capacity.” A sight I haven’t seen in a while – the Twitter fail whale blows.

[Above: Images of E 40th, Bryant Pk, and Madison Ave, NYC via @ZDRoberts]

10:36 AM PST: Occupy Oregon in da house. Portland schedule is in full effect. PDX students take the Broadway Bridge before marching on City Hall, and a foreclosure liberation is underway. This is what effective resistance looks like! A Roving Dance Party is to be held at 6 PM in the South Parks. Wanna tune in? A full list of PDX streams can be found at:

11:04 AM PST: Tom Morello and his big band stage in Bruyant Park before marching to Union Square for an epic performance of “Worldwide Rebel Songs” featuring the OWS Guitarmy.

[Above: Tom Morello & the Guitarmy on the march via @JAMyerson]

11:17 AM PST: Time for a sleep-in at London’s Stock Exchange. Tents now occupy Paternoster Square.

11:41 AM PST: #M1 protesters and the Guitarmy take 5th Avenue. Protesters spill from the pavement onto the street.

12:02 PM PST: Occupy Denver rally at Civic Center Park. See pics via @EisMC2. The Wikileaks truck arrives – “Now the party can officially start!” A sleep-in protest on 16th Street Mall is planned later (9.30 PM thru 5.30 AM).

12:22 PM PST: Solidarity rally/concert feat. Tom Morello, Dan Deacon, Immortal Technique, Das Racist, Bobby Sanabria, and more is underway. NYCs Union Square in packed. “Let Freedom Spring!

12:31 PM PST: Things have taken a turn for the worse in Oakland. Mother Jones writing fellow @garonsen reports that tear gas has been deployed and that arrests have been made. In his latest tweet he states “Police have backed off again and are warning protesters to clear the street. Unclear how many arrested.”

[Above: The scene in Oakland via @garonsen]

1:03 PM PST: Mother Jones has posted some powerful pictures from earlier on the Williamsburg Bridge. They report that 200 people marched from Brooklyn to Manhattan and were met by 100 cops “in varying degrees of riot uniform.” Nice police to protester ratio! #YourTaxDollarsAtWork

1:37 PM PST: Two arrests reported at Occupy Philly during action to close Wells Fargo branch. @GoPHARE says “All Other occupiers evade arrest” as they “Shut It Down!@OccupPhilly says they’re now “Regrouping at rittenhouse.” More Philly #M1 action is planned for later in the day – see schedule.

1:54 PM PST: Stream is now live at London’s Paternoster Square sleep-in. (Watch at: Police tell protesters they are “blocking the highway” and have just given them a second verbal warning. Having been threatened with impending eviction in 10 mins, sleepers are currently deciding how to respond. Should they stay or should they go? *Update* Protesters cautioned that if arrested they may be subject to an injunction which will ban them from the UK’s capital for 6 months.

2:27 PM PST: Union Square crowd estimated to be 8,000+ strong by Guardian and Independent writer Laurie Penny.

[Above: Union Square via @Penny Red]

2:51 PM PST: Massive march snakes away from still packed Union Square. @OccupyWallStNYC reports that NYPD was “totally confused about how 2 let this huge permitted march happen” and that cheers erupted “as police finally back off and allow marchers to enter onto Broadway from Union Square.”

3:31 PM PST: OPD declares “unlawful assembly” and issues a dispersal order for Broadway & Telegraph. Watching livestream as instructions for leaving are given: “You must leave now. If you refuse to move you will be arrested. If you refuse to move chemical agents will be used.”

3:49 PM PST: Occupy Chicago own the banks. @occupychicago tweets: “just shut down the 5th boa of the day!” Strong turnout too – check out this great shot from above the streets posted on their Facebook.

4:09 PM PST: Thousands make their way down NYC’s Broadway and yet more are still stuck at Union Square – and Reuters just said “Occupy Wall Street resurgence a dud.” Call yourselves reporters; Try looking out your window people!

[Above: Inside the march at Broadway & Houston via @barentroth]

4:39 PM PST: NYPD has barricaded Wall St. even though unions apparently had permit for their Solidarity March there. Thousands of protesters are heading down from Broadway; The NYPD is telling them to move on, but there’s no where to move on to.

5:44 PM PST: Thousands converge for celebratory People’s Assembly at 55 Water in NYC’s Financial District – and more are on their way.

We’re signing off now, and heading down to Pershing Square for OccupyLA’s special May Day GA.

In Solidarity.

[Above: OLA M1 GA via @nicolepowers]

11:48 PM PST: Just got back from the special May Day Occupy LA GA. Following the 4 Winds marches, a massive crowd converged at Pershing Square in DTLA. A truly inspiring way to kick off the American Spring.

[Above: OLA M1 GA via @nicolepowers]

For more images from Occupy LA’s May Day GA visit our gallery.

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