Apr 2012 09

by David Seaman / video segment produced by Lindsey Miller

SG’s political correspondent David Seaman contemplates CISPA – a SOPA-like Big Brother bill that is gaining traction right now – and decides it may be time to take drastic measures!

In case you’re not familiar with CISPA, the Minnesota Daily explains that:

H.R. 3532, similarly to SOPA, emphasizes digital piracy and file sharing, while also considering the infringement of intellectual property as a security threat…Under CISPA, Internet service providers and other companies could be forced to share user data with government agencies.

The EFF strongly opposes the bill because:

H.R. 3523, also known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011, would let companies spy on users and share private information with the federal government and other companies with near-total immunity from civil and criminal liability. It effectively creates a “cybersecurity” exemption to all existing laws.

There are almost no restrictions on what can be collected and how it can be used, provided a company can claim it was motivated by “cybersecurity purposes.”

Democratic Underground cautions:

CISPA gives private companies the ability to collect and share information about their customers or users with immunity — meaning we cannot sue them for doing so, and they cannot be charged with any crimes.

And Mashable warns:

The bill already has over 100 co-sponsors and the backing of some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent companies, including Microsoft and Facebook — support which SOPA never enjoyed.

Over half a million people have signed a petition to Stop CISCA. Add your name to it here.

A summary of the CISPA text can be viewed on the Library of Congress website.

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