Feb 2012 10

by David Seaman

This is breaking news. More information will be added in subsequent videos as it becomes available. Journalist David Seaman calls for a nationwide boycott of News Corporation, Fox News, and Fox Business Network following the channel’s cancellation of Judge Andrew Napolitano‘s prime-time show, Freedom Watch.

Judge Napolitano was one of the few mainstream television anchors covering NDAA, economic unrest, and political corruption. The cancellation of his show is a major blow to free speech in the mainstream media, and the final nail in the coffin of our bought and sold press. He’s one of the TRULY good ones, even though we don’t always agree with his libertarian take on things.

Disobedience is civil. Disobedience is called for. Support Judge Napolitano. Say no to fuax news. Cancel Fox News and Fox Business on your cable or satellite package.

Here’s a clip of the fearless Judge Napolitano telling us how it is – and a fine example of what you’ll be missing. (Thanks to @Lymski for forwarding this link.)


David Seaman is an independent journalist. He has been a lively guest on CNN Headline News, FOX News, ABC News Digital, among others, and on his humble YouTube channel, DavidSeamanOnline. Some say he was recently censored by a certain large media corporation for posting a little too much truth… For more, find him on G+ and Twitter.

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