Feb 2012 20

By Charlie Suicide

“I guess the idea is that sex is great, but it’s also mixed up with all the boring things
in life.” – Zak Smith

Zak Smith (SG Member ZakSmith), “The King of the Art Punks,” is currently on his way to art world domination. His paintings of girls have sold to some of the most prestigious art institutions in the US; his portrait of Sawa Suicide was recently sold to the Whitney Museum in NY, and MoMA now owns his portrait of Charlie Suicide. He is represented by the Fredericks & Freiser gallery in NYC, and is soon to be exhibited at SF MoMA. Zak Smith was born in ‘76, grew up in DC, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he eats fried chicken almost every day. His new book, Pictures of Girls is out now in fine bookstores.

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