Jul 2010 30

by Bob Suicide

Expanding upon the idea that geeky girls will develop a +1 to attraction when meeting a guy who isn’t afraid or doubtful of her interests in all things nerdy you can increase your stats even further by treating her like “one of the guys.” Now, I know this sounds A) weird and B) counter-intuitive to your ultimate goal of hooking up with a hot chick, but–trust me–most ladies of the geek persuasion will love it!

I know we’ve only know each other for about two blog posts and I respect your hesitation to walk up to a girl, hit her in the arm and say, “so, how ’bout them Spartans?” But, if she’s a quality lady she’ll turn around and respond with an uber-attractive, breathy,”oh em gee, I can’t wait for Starcraft II. It’s about damn time.”

Your mind is totally blown right now isn’t it?

For a group of girls who spend so much energy fighting to have our own space in the gaming/comic/larping communities, we really do identify with a lot of the male population’s idiosyncrasies and prefer to joke about “pwning noobs”–in all aspects of life–with the best of ’em.

Still not believing me? Well, have you ever heard geeky women talk about how they have trouble getting along with other girls? Even if you haven’t…take my word for it. (My boobs are large and, thusly, my opinion has weight). Most truly nerdy girls will tell you that they either don’t have a lot of friends who are girls or that the *best* of their friends are male.

“Whaa?” you say, “How did this happen?” you ask. Well, think about it. We’ve already established that the geek culture is predominated by male influences; targeted to males and identifying with a male culture. So, for those of us ladies who, despite all of that marketing money directed at NOT appealing to us, fell in love with science fiction and super heros, we grew to identify with that target market and even developed some of the characteristics of the “typical geeky male.”

I mean, we can all watch that old DOA commercial and giggle when they say, “she kicks high.” And, part of that is due to the female gamer’s ability to understand the charm of a “male-dominated” market by letting it appeal to themselves.

What does this mean for you (as someone who’s looking to bag your own l33t lady)? Well, think about the things you like to do with your friends and tweak it to engage in a quest with aforementioned hottie: invite her to an online game/guild/i09 meetup, pub quizzes are “big” in the geeky community right now–invite her to join your quizteam, having an epic movie marathon where you’re screening all the old Predator films (accept AvP…that franchise doesn’t count) tell her to don her cammo and throw popcorn at the screen with you and your buddies.

This line of thinking is also beneficial to you, my young Padawan. “Nerdy girls,” while we are special and “limited edition” like I mentioned before, we’re not unattainable nor something to be hidden in a crate in Area 51. Don’t be afraid to approach us. Talk, hang, game with us just like we were anyone else. Thinking about girls as as one of your friends might make it easier to approach and interact with us…it’s an EPIC win-win. 😀

So, if you’re really looking to appeal to us…think about us the way we think about ourselves: just one of “the guys” who love to frag unsuspecting noobs.