Mar 2012 01

by David Seaman

Today is the first day of a new America, one in which United States citizens can be detained indefinitely without due process. To mitigate the outcry against the NDAA – mostly from the twittergentsia since the mainstream media has for the most part looked the other way – Obama offered up a last minute waiver before the bill came into effect at midnight last night.

However, the waiver itself is not law, merely a statement of intention, meaning future Presidents will not be bound by what it says. Furthermore, Obama seems to be playing a PR word game with this essentially meaningless bit of paper. The key word here is “requirement” – which is repeatedly used in the Presidential Policy Directive (18 times in total). This basically mean there isn’t a requirement to use military detainment, but they still can. Feel safer now? Thought not.

In the above clip from RT America, SG political contributor David Seaman discusses Obama’s recent tweaks to the NDAA, and what they really mean (if anything). – SG Ed, Nicole Powers


About David Seaman:
David Seaman is an independent journalist. He has been a lively guest on CNN Headline News, FOX News, ABC News Digital, among others, and is the host of The DL Show. Some say he was recently censored by a certain large media corporation for posting a little too much truth… For more, find him on G+ and Twitter.

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