Mar 2012 16

by David Seaman

Earlier today in Washington, D.C., George Clooney and other peaceful protesters, including Martin Luther King III and NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, were arrested by the Secret Service. Is this a fluke, or a part of the government’s crackdown on peaceful protest in the nation’s capitol and elsewhere?

(George Clooney has since been released by authorities.)

Full details are included in the video report (above) — along with breaking news regarding the police raid on an apartment building earlier this week where several members of Occupy Miami resided.

The other video (below) is from my appearance on cable news network RT yesterday in which I discuss the very real issue of government agencies misusing the provisions in HR 347 (not to mention Patriot Act abuses, as outlined by two Democratic Senators in The New York Times today) , which could have a chilling effect on peaceful protest both in D.C. and around the country.

Protest should not be criminalized, period. And if even a well-connected celebrity like George Clooney is at risk, what does that say about the protections the rest of us may (or may not!) receive?

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