Born a military brat, to two Navy parents in Honolulu, HI and currently residing in Scottsdale, AZ aka hell. I obtained my bachelors before the age of 21, managed 3 car accidents in 3.5 years (which were never my fault), lived as an only child for 16 years and acquired 4 siblings over the period of 10 years and currently live on my own with my 1 kitty Mozart.
Previously worked for 944 Magazine, handling the creative for all the distrbuting cities, headed the social media, intern program and assisted with events. I’ve now moved  that focus over to a new company which I’m currenly working for, a female driven PR/Marketing agency, Martz Agency.
Right now in life I just want to  meet anyone that can teach me something, contribute to my life in a positive way, make me laugh or make me a better person. What I want is to be needed. what I need is to be indispensable to somebody. a mutual addiction. Profile Twitter Facebook MySpace Tumblr E-Mail