Sep 2010 03

by Alana Joy

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Sep 2010 03

Devushka Suicide in Love Strokes

  • MAKES ME HAPPY: The sea, sun, nature, basically. When I spend too much time in the city need a break, unwind and breathe fresh air. An unexpected visit, a good party, a walk with my dog and an afternoon creating crafts, clothes
  • MAKES ME SAD: People addicted to suffering and problems, that always complain, and do not know how it is to have a real problem. Intolerance, disrespect, discrimination. The hunger and the enrichment of a few, the civilization in which we have become. The hypocrisy. The Materialism
  • HOBBIES: tribal fusion bellydance tattoo sew, recycle go to party, concerts.. photography
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:Cheese chocolat music sex love
  • VICES: Cheese See the same movies many times if I like Tatoos and piercings the second-hand markets sushi and apple juice
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME:Watching movies painting getting out

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Sep 2010 02

Phecda Suicide in Sexual Tyrannosaurus

  • INTO: dinosaurs, Alex, video games, donuts, puppies, being in the sunshine, going to zoos, being in love, good friends.
  • NOT INTO: Animal abusers, womanizers, raw onions, snow
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: the sun, puppies, Alex, zoos, video games, donuts.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Abused animal commercials:when animals die in movies, abused animals in general makes me sad come to think of it. When Alex is far far away.
  • HOBBIES: Video games, running, reading, watching documentaries, skateboarding.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:Macbook pro, blackberry, water, music, and love.
  • VICES: Love. Most definitely love.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: on world of warcraft. no joke.

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Sep 2010 02

by Eric “Butter” Levy

I am both cursed and blessed at the same time, living in a third world country. Sometimes I feel that the term ‘Banana Republic’ was coined to refer to my little stretch of land and not to the fancy (at least to me) store you can find in most malls all across the good old U. S. of A. A little bit over a hundred years of being a Republic, and you would think things would be a tad different, no? Then again this is the one, the only… The Republic of Panama: Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe (as some Tourism slogans advertise).


Sep 2010 01

Shaddix Suicide in Pint Size

  • INTO: Fundraising. Thunder Storms. Sour Candy. Outrageous shoes. Cuddling.
  • NOT INTO: Spiders. Heartbreak. Rude obnoxious people. Complainers.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Friends.BBQs in the summer. The beach.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Animals cruelty. Greed.

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Aug 2010 31

Yulia Suicide in Don’t Panic

  • INTO: adventures, art, open-mindedness, feminism, danger, smiles, laughter, Eastern Europe, solo naked dance parties in my bedroom, group naked dance parties in anyone’s bedroom
  • NOT INTO: rudeness, intolerance, inequality, ignorance, abuse of any kind, negativity, pessimists, elitists, poor basic hygiene, boredom
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: the ocean
  • MAKES ME SAD: stupidity
  • HOBBIES: painting, writing, dancing, sewing, cuddling, learning to play or at least dabble on various instruments, philosophizing, learning new things, cooking, taking photos of water and clouds and urban decay
  • VICES: hair dye. Parliaments. your boobs!

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Aug 2010 30

Rydell Suicide in Stray Bullet

  • INTO: Helping to make earth a better and happier place to be, Craves Cupcakes, Cooking with Someone I Love, The smell of Vector files in the morning, Dancing around my house like an arse, Reading, Organization, Learning Languages, Smelling yummy, Drinking tea in my underwear, Astronomy and Meditating.
  • NOT INTO: Chocolate, Bad Moods, People who can’t think or see beyond their own little box of a life and who refuse to help change the world, Smell of Patchouli, Small Talk (I suck at it), Animal testing or cruelty, Flaky Friends, Repeating Myself, No Money, People Who Are Blind To The World Around Them and Laziness.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Loud Music, My Mac, Being Barefoot, My Weimaraner, Cleaning The House, Crisp Sheets, Boy Shorts, Meditation, Expanding the Mind, Target Practice, Stars, Muscle Cars & Grease, a Great Pair of Jeans, Sexy Heels, Laying in a Hammock, Travelling, Pubs, Sunday Walks, Someone Cooking For Me, Just Sharing Space With Someone I Love, Watching the Stars, Strong Connections and Talking with friends.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Ignorance, Fur, Authority, Mean People, Being Told What To Do, No New Ink, Missing People I Love, The State Of Our World and Vivisection!
  • HOBBIES: Killing time…anyone know how to get blood out of the carpet?
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:LaLicious Body Scrub, Fresh Ink, Silence, Meditation, My Heart
  • VICES: Tattoos, Cheesecake, Autumn, Boys with Tattoos, and Craves Cupcakes
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME:Working, Meditating, Swearing, Playing with my Mac and Watching horror movies…wanting.

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