May 2013 26

by Nahp

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

This week Nahp tells us why she’s into Health & Fitness.

Members: 1,906 / Comments: 10,150

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: I love it because since last year I’ve been working really hard to get a healthy lifestyle. I started to eat really good and have been exercising, and since January of this year I’ve started to workout really hard to achieve my goal. In this specific group, I find a lot of advice and tips on healthy food and workouts that are very helpful to me at this time of my life. It’s like a bible!

DISCUSSION TIP: It’s a place to discuss healthy lifestyles. Share experiences, ask questions and discuss anything related to health and fitness.

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: I there’s not a heated discussion thread, but a thread that is really loved for many people is “Anyone up for a challenge?” A lot of people post there every day so you can see how people approach their goals, and how the other members encourage them to achieve them. It’s amazing!

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “’I wanna be this and I wanna be that’ – WELL THEN GRAB FUCKING NUTS AND BE IT!!”

WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Every single person who is interested in achieving their physical and mental goals and/or are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Jul 2012 27

by Nahp Suicide

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Aisline in Four Letter Word]

This week Aisline puts SG’s Photography Group into focus.

Members: 10,757 / Comments: 124,859

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: It’s really nice to see people’s photography and to get tips and tricks.

DISCUSSION TIP: I’m probably the worst person to ask for tips. I never post in threads I like because I always end up killing them. So if I like something I just stay as an observer.

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: I don’t know if they are “heated” but my favorite threads are “self portraits” and “what did you shoot today?“.



Jul 2012 13

by Nahp Suicide

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Leandra in Breathless]

This week Leandra explains why SG’s Horror Group gets her adrenalin pumping…

Members: 2,236 / Comments: 30,515

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: I love this group because I love horror! Pure and simple. I love to be scared. I also love film, and horror is my favorite genre. Oh, and there’s a “Dexter” discussion!

DISCUSSION TIP: Anything horror goes! The supernatural and paranormal, evil dolls, clowns, sharks – whatever your twisted mind can think of.

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “I’m just perpetually afraid there’s sharks. Sharks. Everywhere” – Annasthesia Suicide on the movie Jaws. I am so with her on this!

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: I would say “Scariest horror movie ever?” is the most active thread with lots of varied opinions and movie ideas. It doesn’t really get heated though, it’s just a great place to discuss opinions and thoughts on horror.

WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Everyone is welcome! Anyone who likes to be scared and wants to hear about horror movies they may not have heard of. Some of them are total gems!


Jul 2012 06

by Nahp Suicide

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Kewpie in Twinkle]

This week Kewpie Suicide tells us why she hearts SG’s Gay Girls Only group.

Members: 335 / Comments: 63,926

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: I love it because it’s a small, intimate group of hilarious girls who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

DISCUSSION TIP: Hmmm…Don’t talk about Shane from The L Word lol.

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: There are a ton of awesome quotes but I’ll go with “You know you’re a lesbian if you have every season of Xena on DVD.”

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: Most threads are pretty mellow but the ‘Ok [Stupid] Cupid‘ thread has a lot of bad date venting that is always entertaining!

WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: The name says it all, gay girls only!


Jun 2012 29

by Nahp Suicide

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Lumo in Sweaterpuppies]

This week Lumo Suicide tells us why the SG’s Martial Arts Group kicks ass.

Members: 845 / Comments: 3,556

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: I get to converse with fellow martial arts nerds. I get to learn a bit more about other styles, how they train and their philosophies. I can glean some training tips, commiserate about gradings and injuries, talk about martial arts movies, books, and weapons. We even have a thread called “Celebrate Your Victories” where we can have a bit of a gloat and some back-patting. Seeing how furiously the group members train motivates me to suck it up, get off my lazy butt and go do some more push-ups.

DISCUSSION TIP: Don’t be a troll. Simple, sage advice for young grasshoppers?

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “A belt is nothing more than something to hold up your pants.”

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: There is a stigma attached to martial artists; people tend to think we are an arrogant bunch, but in my experience in this group there are no such ass-hats. The most heated discussion I came across was over the value of belts as a way of ranking people within their relative systems. There was also discussion about using sharpened weapons versus blunt training weapons. I don’t even know if you could classify those discussions as heated, more teasing really.

WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Any martial artists of any level and even the armchair martial artists enthusiast who doesn’t feel the need to turn himself into a human punching bag.


Jun 2012 25

by Nahp Suicide

[Milloux Suicide in The World Is Yours]

Milloux is from Los Angeles and is our newest Staff Photographer. She’s been a Suicide Girl since 2009, and has shot 9 sets as a model and 10 as a photographer.

How did you first get involved with SuicideGirls?

I became involved with SuicideGirls when I was 18. I applied to become one a week after my 18th birthday. After many years lurking the SG Myspace page with friends, I wasted no time!

What’s your background photography-wise?

I studied film and cinematography in school but didn’t really start shooting photography until a few years ago. Since then I’ve taken many classes and spent a lot more time shooting on my own, and shooting myself if I can’t grab a hold of a anyone else. 

[Callioppe in Grey Scale]

What was the first photo you had published?

The first photos I had published was the first set SuicideGirls bought from me: Callioppe’s “Grey Scale.”

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style is very personal with a dreamy feel. 

What gear do you use?

I have a Canon 60D equipped with either a 50m 1/4 or 85m 1.8 lens, and a reflector equipped with a cute lady to hold it for me! I use a couple of simple soft boxes in some cases.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

I’d say Photoshop is pretty important. I come from a background in post production, so I believe heavily in using post-tools to accentuate the beauty of a particular work.

What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such amazing sets?

I am inspired by everything! Everywhere I go and everything I see, inspires me to shoot. I am obsessed with capturing moments because my memory isn’t the best. When I’m in a new place, or meet a new person or creature, I instantly think of photographing it/him/her in a way that expresses the way our encounter made me feel.

[Kurosune in Apollo]

What is your favorite image?

I’d say Kurosune’s lovely “Dancing In The Sun” (NSFW) shot from her “Apollo” set.

Tell us why it’s your fave and how you achieved it?

I simply had Kurosune sort of “dance” as she jumped from side to side while stretching her arms and throwing her hair back and forth. As she did that, I laid on the floor and shot up her continuously until the moment was perfect.

Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph that you haven’t?

I would love to shoot Nemesis. That’s would be an utter dream. I might have actually already had a dream about shooting her.


Jun 2012 22

by Nahp Suicide

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Vesta in Understated]

This week Vesta Suicide tells us why SGs Health And Fitness Group is good for her.

Members: 1578 / Comments: 8,800

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: It’s an amazing place to share tips, gain support or challenge others. It’s so much fun to see how people progress as they take on a new healthy lifestyle or fitness regime. It’s great to have one place with food and nutrition threads too!

DISCUSSION TIP: Take your aggression out at the gym, not on opinionated members.

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: On how to get healthy for cheap: “Seduce a gym instructor. And/or a fruit-and-vegetable vendor.”

MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: The “What pisses you off at your gym?” thread.

WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Anyone who could use a shot of endorphins, needs a recipe for an edible protein shake or needs to share their best gym jock pet peeve.