Jul 2010 18

by Bob Suicide

It’s widely known that “us” Geeks are prominent enough and important enough to warrant an entire culture unto ourselves. Vast fortunes have been made in the tech industry by attempting to appeal to and follow the movement of our very own: Geek Culture. Like the Greeks before us, we have left a deep imprint on every facet of general society. Movies, magazines, music…it’s safe to say (and it’s okay to cringe when you say it) Geek is [now] chic. [..]

Jul 2010 16

Annaleigh Suicide in Wallflower

  • into: Hikes, surprises, warm showers and fast food. 🙂
  • not into: dudes bro…
  • makes me happy: my puppy, my macbook, my family, my best friend, candles
  • makes me sad: my boss, christianity bible humpers, thiefs, grumpy people, fruity gum
  • hobbies: hiking, swimming, cowboys ;), line dancing eating
  • 5 things i can’t live without: cell phone, chapstick, ipod, macbook, a job
  • vices: weed, alcohol on occasion, sex.
  • i spend most of my free time: College classes work and being a bum 🙂

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Jul 2010 16

by Jules Bleach

There are some days where you find yourself, pants down, staring intently at the hair surrounding your nipples, your feet surrounded by a litter of empty beer, wine and gin bottles, ashamed that your body has somehow come to resemble the Staypuff marshmallow man. [..]

Jul 2010 16

by Alana Joy

Every week we ask you guys to show us your ink in celebration of Tattoo Tuesday: we choose one favorite submission each from Twitter, Tumblr, and MySpace and they win a free 3 month membership to Check out this weeks winners!

Jul 2010 16

by Tara Diane

So I bought one of these ice cube shot glass molds. They’re pretty cool and all, but I mostly bought them so that I could perform super scientific experiments with them. My favorite experiment was using a super awesome fruit snack recipe in them to create, well, literal jello shots. They’re incredibly easy, edible, and bound to impress your friends. I recommend these for a small gathering, not for that kegger you’re planning down at the frathouse. [..]

Jul 2010 15

by Nicole Powers

Looking forward to catching up with Jesse Dupree (of Jackyl and TruTV’s Full Throttle Saloon) this Sunday on SG Radio. [..]

Jul 2010 15

Vesta Suicide in Feeling This

  • into: Bad fake accents, lingerie, cheap shows, movies, small towns.
  • makes me happy: Hot popcorn, stir-fry, cupcakes, pancakes… Food!
  • makes me sad: Roadkill, clapping in movie theatres, Uggs and Crocs.
  • hobbies: Guitar, painting, photography, cupcake creating and Maple Leafs hockey.
  • 5 things i can’t live without: Days filled with sunshine, ear kisses, lubriderm rubs, romance and birth control.
  • vices: Popcorn, things that sparkle and anything I can stick into my face.
  • i spend most of my free time: Here!

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