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Above: (Left) OccupyLA’s First GA, October 1, 2011 / (Right) their special May Day GA, May 1, 2012. Both were at Pershing Square in Downtown LA.

We last had the folks from OccupyLA in the SG Radio studio on October 6th, 2011. Since then, a lot has happened for them – and the Occupy movement as a whole.

Back then, OccupyLA’s occupation of the grounds outside City Hall was barely a week old, and no one had much idea of what the future might hold. Certainly few outsiders would have predicted they’d be alive and kicking seven months on.

Though they lost their permanent encampment in early December, 2011, after a brutal police raid, you can’t evict an idea – and OccupyLA had a big one – to mark International Workers’ Day with a massive day of action.

The resolution, which was first tabled by members of OccupyLA in a General Assembly (GA) held in November 2011, was taken up by other occupations nationwide, and on May 1st thousands of people in well over 100 cities participated in the May Day General Strike.

Above: Many experience their first GA on May Day in DTLA.

In Los Angels, the day was marked with marches from the 4 Winds in the North, South, East, and West corners of the sprawling metropolis, which converged with other immigrant/workers rights protests in Downtown LA. A special OccupyLA May Day GA was then held in the evening in Pershing Square, where it all began.

By sundown, Pershing Square was packed, with many new and perspective occupiers experiencing a GA for the first time. The overwhelming sense of camaraderie emitted by the large crowd was palpable, as strangers were quickly united by a common goal and the process of radical and truly representative democracy.

The momentum of the movement (that most in the mainstream seriously underestimate) continues as the focus shifts to Chicago, with large gatherings and protests planned in honor of the People’s Summit, NATO, and the (hastily relocated) G8.

On Sunday, as OccupyLA encamps in the SuicideGirls Radio studio, we’ll be reflecting on May Day, celebrating the many triumphs of the movement, and talking about its future hopes, dreams, and grounded, pragmatic and attainable goals.

For more on OccupyLA visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll also be hearing from our good friend George from Occupy affinity group 99% Solidarity. He’ll be calling in from NYC to give us the skinny on the FREE Chicago bus trips the group is organizing to coincide with the various planned protests there later this month. For more details visit:

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