Mar 2011 04

by Blogbot

In this vid (originally posted on The Feast by their Bay Area Food Ed Tamara Palmer) the chocolate makers behind the scientifically and ethically-minded artisan brand TCHO explain how they can operate the essential functions of their factory remotely via a custom iPhone App. The space age Willy Wonka responsible for implementing the technology is TCHO’s creative director and CEO Louis Rossetto, who was one of the founders of Wired Magazine.

However TCHO, who specialize in making “obsessively dark” hi-cacao vegan chocolate using “beyond Fair Trade” beans, have been putting more than a little rocket science into their product from the outset; the company was started in 2005 by NASA Space Shuttle contractor Timothy Childs and veteran chocolatier Karl Bittong – Rossetto joined the enterprise in 2007.

With a growing cult following, TCHO has recently started giving free daily tours of their SF Pier 17 facility. Those who live beyond spitting distance of the Golden Gate Bridge will soon be able to satisfy their curiosity too, thanks to a new iPad App currently in development. Set to be launched later this year, it will give users a remote tour of the factory, and will offer closer views and better angles than visitors would get in person. Talk about a virtual Golden Ticket!