Jan 2012 09

by Morgan

Hello again fellow nerds! It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed some games. I know, I blame Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for taking up a huge chunk of my free time. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing other games, and I’ve found some treasures.

1. Egress (PC / Free)

This is a pretty short game at about 30 minutes per playthrough, but it’s a gem. Evoking the mood of Duncan Jones’ movie Moon, this sci-fi point and click adventure puts you in the role of the captain of a 2-man space mission who has lost his crew-mate to mysterious, shadowy aliens. The plotline is engrossing and the art and music are well done, which both serve to make up for the slow transition scenes (many of which can be avoided by pressing ESC) and one very baffling puzzle. If you choose to play this interesting and unique free game, never fear if you get stuck on this particular puzzle: plenty of people have provided hints online.


2. Dark Meadow (iPhone & iPad / $5.99)

Imagine a slightly calmer Silent Hill run on the Unreal engine and you’ve got this game. When you start this your character will wake up in a creepy run down mental hospital, one of my favorite horror tropes, with a helpful stranger talking to you over the intercom system. You can then wander the halls searching for items and fighting creepy, mutant-like enemies and finding “safe” areas in which you can further unravel the story behind this sanitarium. Since your character never dies, but instead is transported back to their original room, this game decreases frustration, plus you get more background information from your intercom friend each time you awaken. The atmosphere and gameplay make this well worth its pricetag.


3. St. Mistu (iOS / $0.99)

On a completely different note, this cute and charming game is fantastic and is less than a dollar. You begin with a scene setting up the plot: a blind man is making pizza for himself, and realizes that he has run out of olives! Refusing to eat pizza without his favorite ingredient, he must get to the store. However, the world outside is full of obstacles, and you must show his guide log the best route to get him through each scene on his quest. The art is gorgeous and hand-drawn and the game strikes the perfect balance between cute and challenging. It’s also the perfect game to play on trips, as you can play it for five minutes or half an hour.


4. The Gamebook Adventures (iOS / $4.99 each)

I was introduced to these when the newest game in the city, Temple of the Spider God came out and the entire catalog of Gamebook Adventures went on sale. I snatched up three immediately under the assumption that if I loved playing Dungeons and Dragons I would enjoy these. I was right! They can best be described as “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories combined with classic dice-rolling RPG gameplay. Each is an interesting story set in an original world, and as you read through you are presented with options that alter the story as you go. You’ll also fight battles and gain achievements along the way. The stories are long and involved, and interesting enough that you will want to go back and replay them to find alternate paths. They’re excellent both for those familiar with adventure gameplay and great for someone looking for an introduction – like this little fella.


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