Oct 2011 22

by Blogbot

Went down to @OccupyLA for the fourth Saturday in a row.

Again, a lot has changed in a week.

The camp now has a grand entrance, and has expanded to all sides of City Hall:

And the tents have expanded to multi-room bijou residences – welcome to Chateau #OWS West:

Some of the grander dwellings even have sculptures in their “front yard.”

Inside things could do with sprucing up though. While awaiting a major intervention from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we’re putting SG in charge of the @OccupyLA interior design committee. Need air beds, fairy lights, shag pile rugs, and disco balls ASAP.

Otherwise, life is good. The #OccupyLA activity schedule is always packed:

There’s lots of opportunities for education (no student loans required!):

A newly established theater company:

The live music is pretty good too (just be wary of the dodgy drum circles, which are currently causing more distress to the #OWS movement than anything the 1% can do).

There’s a pumpkin patch for seasonal fruit — and political and corporate vegetables:

There’s lots of places to meditate on the finer points of campaign finance reform — like here:

And here — though a yoga instructor is wanted:

There’s a creche:

Because it’s important for kids to learn how democracy works:

Pets are welcome:

Though the onsite kitchen is temporarily shut down while awaiting Health & Safety permits, there’s still some pretty stylish dining opportunities. Today, someone donated the remainder of a wedding buffet, which came complete with exceedingly high class waiting staff:

There’s also an onsite coffee truck for latte liberals (like me):

The Bike Repair Shop is apparently where all the cool kids hangout:

And the media tent has gone solar (panels modeled by the lovely Gia):

Just one (minor) criticism: Protesting doesn’t make tie dye OK. You’ll never get taken seriously wearing that shit (sorry!).

Despite the odd dodgy fashion faux pas, every #OWS protester looks beautiful today:

I pity the fool that don’t fight for his [or her] rights:

And for financial reform – such the reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act:

Many thanks to the fabulous Gia (a.k.a. @MissBrass) and all SG’s friends @OccupyLA for everything they’re doing on behalf of all us 99 Percenters.

Love You