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This Thursday, August 22nd on SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Juturna Suicide will be joined in-studio by SG model and photographer Sawa Suicide and SG Political Correspondent David Seaman.

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Sawa SA INDIEGOGO V1 from Sawa on Vimeo.

About Sawa

Covered in tattoos with long flowing pink hair, Sawa has been a part of the SuicideGirls community for 10 years and is both a model and a photographer for the site. She is a well-known internet personality, with followers all over the world (some of whom even have her portrait tattooed on their body!). Sawa’s image has been used on playing cards and in a calendar, and her art has been internationally published in books and magazines. She has her own snowboard coming out with Arbor, and her own sock coming out with California Uber Alles.

Her latest project, The Sawa Travel Diary, is a video mission that is already in progress, and the message is simple: Get out there and do the things that you want to do, live your life the way you want to live it, instead of wasting and waiting to buy the freedom to be able to do so someday later.

In Sawa’s case, this meant living for art and adventure.

The Sawa Travel Diary is the chronicle of an artist and photographer going off of the grid, traveling through foreign countries to photograph alternative models and do street art, collaborate with other artists, and document the entire experience on video, through a point of view that is unique to Sawa (and never one of a traditional tourist).

Having put all of her belongings in a storage unit, Sawa traveled to Europe to do art all day everyday, and lay the foundations for this ongoing endeavor. Next, Sawa plans to travel to South America, through Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The expedition will navigate beaches, freaky clubs, marble caves submerged in water, villages, and a grand finale of a snowboard expedition in Chile!

Sawa lives and feels life to the max, and wears it on her sleeve. She is not only looking for adventure, but is on a spiritual journey too, and is not just making art, but using it as a vehicle to connect with other seekers, creators, healers, and rebels.

Support Sawa’s South American Travel Diary via Indiegogo and follow her adventures on Facebook and Twitter, and see more of her work on her website and on


About David Seaman

David Seaman (@d_seaman) is an independent journalist. He has been a lively guest on CNN Headline News, FOX News, ABC News Digital, among others, and on his humble YouTube channel, DavidSeamanOnline. Some say he was recently censored by a certain large media corporation for posting a little too much truth… Seaman’s brand new crowd-funded Rise Morning Show (@RiseMorningShow), will launch in two weeks. For more, find him on G+ and Twitter.


ICYMI: Last night’s show with guests Sawa Suicide and David Seaman.

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