Jan 2012 17

While, as a subscriber funded site, we cannot blackout on #J18, we would like to express our profound gratitude and support to those that do. Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, CraigsList, BoingBoing, RawStory, and YourAnonNews are among the 7,000+ sites that are going dark or marking their opposition to SOPA in some form.

Many internet users know SuicideGirls as a pinup site, but, as a social network that predates both MySpace and Facebook, much of our content is user generated. Under the restrictive and open-ended terms of SOPA it would be virtually impossible for us to operate. It would be an utterly impractical and economically unviable task to police the providence of all the content our users upload and the links they post prior to publishing, and being forced to do so would seriously stifle the free speech our members currently enjoy.

Despite reports to the contrary, SOPA is far from dead, and there are powerful lobbying groups with deep pockets working to ensure it passes in some shape or form. Please join us and voice your opposition to SOPA and its sister act PIPA.



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