Aug 2012 30

by David Seaman

Look, we all know it has become bad. Surveillance cameras everywhere, many of them funded by federal DHS grants. Cops pulling people over for no reason, asking to see your driver’s license and quizzing you on where you’re going. TSA agents conducting invasive patdowns, which include applying pressure to your genitalia, and obnoxious “chat-downs” asking you about your personal travel details. Police officers at peaceful protests wearing camo and combat-ready body armor. And now we know, based on The New York Times‘ recent reporting and NSA whistle-blower William Binney, that nearly all American citizens are being spied on by the government without a warrant.

It’s heart warming stuff, isn’t it? Luckily, only a handful of crypto-fascist morons are promoting this agenda of greater surveillance and more police on the streets. There are 314 million of us. Here’s how we can take America back:

1. Remain non-violent and peaceful, at all times. Seriously – things like smashing surveillance cameras and protests turning violent or disorderly will only give those in power and the mainstream media an “excuse” they’ve been looking for to justify the existence of such programs in the first place. Oh, and the DHS grants won’t stop – those surveillance cameras you smash, youthful angry one, will be replaced. Promptly replaced.

2. When you protest, go big. I don’t want to see any more rag-tag teams of 10 or 15 chanting protesters with handwritten signs. Use the Internet to organize, do peaceful and fun “flash mobs,” make sure attendance is always in the thousands or hundreds of thousands. Stun the rest of us with your silent power. And do it often. NDAA, TrapWire, and the warrantless surveillance programs we now know about threaten the very future of this republic. They threaten your safety, and the next generation’s safety. You can’t stop until these things are addressed by the masses, addressed by those in power, and fixed.

3. Shirt and tie. Suits. Shaving. Haircuts. The more credible you appear, the more undeniably mainstream – the sooner the rest of America will wake the fuck up.

4. Dominate social media. There are reportedly “sockpuppet accounts” on article comments sections, Twitter, and Reddit trying to normalize things like warrantless wiretapping. “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear – this is to protect us from terrorists only.” Fight this propaganda battle tooth and nail. Call out those who don’t know what they are talking about. Call out those intentionally distracting or lying.

5. Record it all. We may not all be at your protests, but with YouTube and Vimeo you can reach an audience 100-fold greater the next day.

6. Support good politicians. There aren’t many, which is why they need your support – money and time – to remain in office.

7. Never stop. The stakes are too high. If warrantless wiretapping, gropedowns, guilty until innocent, and imprisonment without trial become the “new normal” to keep us safe, we have lost our own country. We have burned our own founding documents. We can’t afford to let that happen.

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