Oct 2010 06

AnnaLee Suicide in Specimen

  • INTO: Living a good life.
  • NOT INTO: Cars, television, cigarettes, meat, drinking culture, negativity, superficiality and people with no imaginations or desires…
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Books, tea, solitude, ornithology, natural history, baking cakes, my cat, sleeping, the sea, old-fashioned museums, etymology, entomology, walking, cycling, equality, understanding, compassion, passion, good manners, hermit crabs, olives, peace, quiet, the sky, meteorological phenomena, drawing, painting, churches, nature taking over, wall paintings, bees, stoicism, cinema, hot baths, gardens, wild places, lochs, rivers, anything wet, perfume, cardigans, being a stranger in new cities, unusual encounters with other creatures, marmalade, moths, butterflies, being productive, cold climates, wallpaper, sewing, the changing seasons, red hair, pickles, whiskers, paws and cats purring.
  • MAKES ME SAD: When my family are unhappy. How little we care about non-human animals, our planet and each other. People not living life as well as they could. The fact that work, productivity and consumerism overtake life. Wasting time. Negativity. Physical and mental illness. Intolerance.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: A book, a quiet place, fresh air, hot tea and of course music.
  • VICES: Book buying, but that’s probably not too unhealthy…I am also addicted to expensive chocolate, that is ever so slightly unhealthy.

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