Nov 2010 26

by Blogbot

So you’ve recovered from your turkey/Tofurky coma, and you’ve just finished pimpin’ your pad out with Christmas lights. You’ve got a little creative, you’re feeling smug – then don’t watch the video below, which seriously ups the ante on domestic decorations and will likely make the baubles you were so proud of 5 minutes ago look, quite frankly, slightly shite by comparison.

You’ve gotta admire this hardcore Slayer fan who went the extra mile with his Xmas light show in 2009. The sequencing was done using Lightorama Controllers, which had bulbs strobing for the finale at an intense 1/10 of a second.

Having scored over half a million views on YouTube since posting the vid 10 months ago, Slayerbobt from Southern Calironia promises he’ll be programming a new song for 2010. One can only speculate which of the band’s many suitable tracks – The Antichrist, Seasons in the Abyss, Angel of Death – will be the chosen one this year.