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Regular Columnists:

AJ Focht: “Ur W33K 1N G33K”

David Seaman: Political columnist

Laurelin: “Life Beyond the Bar Scene”

Aaron Colter: “Things I Like That You Might Like Too”

Mighty Mur Lafferty: “Fiction Friday”

Lee Camp: “Moment of Clarity”

Steven Whitney: Political columnist

Sandor Stern: Dear Republican Friends…


Contributing Columnists:

Andrew Shaffer: Entertainment and culture columnist.

Bob Suicide: Geek columnist

Brad Warner: “Hardcore Zen”

CoyoteMike: “Gentleman’s Guide”

Damon Martin: Politics and pop culture columnist

Darrah de Jour: “Red, White and Femme”

Dina Gachman: “Bureaucracy For Breakfast”

Flux Suicide: “Tattoo Tuesday Roundup!”, “Awe & Wonder”

Jensen Suicide: “Doing It With Jensen”

Justin R. Beckner: Music

Keith Daniels: Politics, gaming columnist

Morgan Harper: “Morgan’s Casual Game Recommendations”

Jason a.k.a. SG Member SnakePlissken: “Shit Booze & Food”

Secretary Suicide: “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”

Shotgun Suicide: Video blogger

Steven Whitney: Political Opinion

Yashar Ali: The Current Conscience