A former New York City crime reporter, Steven Whitney has written and/or produced several television series and TV movies including Matt Houston, Miami Vice, Against the Law, Sins of the City, BeastMaster (Australia), CI5: The New Professionals (UK), Flatland (China), Survive the Night (Canada), and The Red Phone (Germany, Austria, and South Africa). He won the BBC’s coveted Alfred Hitchcock Award for Best European thriller for Night Heat.

In the 1990s, Steven worked extensively as a media consultant in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other Central Asian countries, helping to set up dramatic formats for the newly created television stations in the former Soviet Union nations. He was the first American to write both a feature film and a television series in China when 1999’s China Strike Force (directed by Stanley Tong) was followed by the 22-episode Flatland (starring Dennis Hopper) in 2001. In Spring, 2013, production begins on his newest Chinese film, Qiu, to be shot in and around the Maklatan.

Steven is also the author of seven books. His fictional thriller, Singled Out, was a national best-seller. He co-authored the international best-selling, consumer medical guide, It’s Your Body, which has been translated into 17 languages. For the Tate Gallery, he penned the authoritative monograph on sculptor Henry Moore, focusing on the London museum’s definitive collection of the artist. He has also written in-depth biographies of Vincent Price, George Raft, and Charles Bronson. In late 2010, his critically acclaimed The Addiction Solution was released in hardcover, followed in October of 2011 by an internationally distributed trade paper edition. In all, his books have sold just over five million copies worldwide.

Successful with both fiction and a wide range of non-fiction, Steven has written scores of articles and stories in magazines, journals, and websites around the world covering crime, politics, art, music, movies, science, medicine, technology, and biographical profiles.