Oct 2011 22

by Blogbot

Went down to @OccupyLA for the fourth Saturday in a row.

Again, a lot has changed in a week.

The camp now has a grand entrance, and has expanded to all sides of City Hall:

And the tents have expanded to multi-room bijou residences – welcome to Chateau #OWS West:

Some of the grander dwellings even have sculptures in their “front yard.”

Inside things could do with sprucing up though. While awaiting a major intervention from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we’re putting SG in charge of the @OccupyLA interior design committee. Need air beds, fairy lights, shag pile rugs, and disco balls ASAP.

Otherwise, life is good. The #OccupyLA activity schedule is always packed:

There’s lots of opportunities for education (no student loans required!):

A newly established theater company:

The live music is pretty good too (just be wary of the dodgy drum circles, which are currently causing more distress to the #OWS movement than anything the 1% can do).

There’s a pumpkin patch for seasonal fruit — and political and corporate vegetables:

There’s lots of places to meditate on the finer points of campaign finance reform — like here:

And here — though a yoga instructor is wanted:

There’s a creche:

Because it’s important for kids to learn how democracy works:

Pets are welcome:

Though the onsite kitchen is temporarily shut down while awaiting Health & Safety permits, there’s still some pretty stylish dining opportunities. Today, someone donated the remainder of a wedding buffet, which came complete with exceedingly high class waiting staff:

There’s also an onsite coffee truck for latte liberals (like me):

The Bike Repair Shop is apparently where all the cool kids hangout:

And the media tent has gone solar (panels modeled by the lovely Gia):

Just one (minor) criticism: Protesting doesn’t make tie dye OK. You’ll never get taken seriously wearing that shit (sorry!).

Despite the odd dodgy fashion faux pas, every #OWS protester looks beautiful today:

I pity the fool that don’t fight for his [or her] rights:

And for financial reform – such the reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act:

Many thanks to the fabulous Gia (a.k.a. @MissBrass) and all SG’s friends @OccupyLA for everything they’re doing on behalf of all us 99 Percenters.

Love You

Oct 2011 15

by Blogbot

The #OWS Jedi returned to DTLA for the third weekend running, and the force was with @OccupyLA with an estimated turnout of 3 to 5K for today’s Global Revolution Day march through the city’s financial district.

Added benefits to this protesting business: Marching is pretty much the same as hiking, but with more signs + you can walk the dog.

Another four-legged protester. If corporations can claim citizenship, dogs can too! #JustSaying

Protesting is thirsty work though.

The LAPD continues to be lovely…#Shame the same can’t be said for the NYPD. In New York today they arrested a group of Citi Bank customers — for trying to close their accounts — for realz! Later, 74 protesters were arrested in Times Square. Meanwhile in Denver, riot police broke things up again, and in Chicago they’re trying to evict protesters.

In NYC police have also been detaining protesters for violating an obscure law dating back to 1845 which was intended to stop tenant farmers from covering their faces during a peasant uprising (well I guess #OWS really is one of those!). Meanwhile, in London, Julian Assange was asked to remove his mask by police there. Things are going to get really confusing come Halloween. #JustSaying

Fortunately, in LA, protesting is a family affair.

Lovely weather for it too!

Imagine what the world would be like if the rich and corporations paid their fair share.

To clarify: What part of shared sacrifice don’t you get?

Contrary to what the 1% owned mainstream media would have you believe, we are not rebels without a cause.

The 99 percent are fighting for <3, =ity, & abundance 4 all. I think you should join us!

Because this 99 percenter would like a future worth looking forward to.

Dear 1%, Are you getting it yet?