Jul 2010 22

Nahp Suicide in Sunday Vouyeurist

  • into: animals, photography, tattoos, body piercings, natural beauty, porn, love and eternal love, sex, chocolate, sushi, movies, skirts, dresses, black hair, black color, snickers, pin up style, 50’s, 60’s, 70;s, 90’s, socks, nature.
  • not into: dead animals, lies, cigarrets, taking the trash out, flat shoes, fashion, divorce, 80’s, drama,celebrities, irresponsibility.
  • makes me happy: my boy, cute animals, love, sbx, kisses, 100% sincerity, sushi, weekends,tattoos, sex, my music, underwear, chocolate, cooking whit sbx, good job, true, mac.
  • makes me sad: lies, cheat, suffering animals, quarreling, workig late or weekends, banks, negativity, pc, silence,bad weather.
  • hobbies: sleep, movies, talk with sbx and my friends, make rag dolls (muniequitos), internet, photography.
  • 5 things i can’t live without: chocolate,fruit juice, my music,love,iphone

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Jul 2010 21

Jaeci Suicide in Be My Lover

  • into: drawing, painting, craigslist, sofrito, crafts, yoga, biscotti,
  • not into: most other things.
  • makes me happy: Singing old country tunes while I’m in the shower. Cats.
  • hobbies: forgetting to water my plants, dealing with other people’s problems in the middle of the night, vegan baking
  • vices: Dark chocolate and dirty words.
  • i spend most of my free time: Drawing pictures instead of paying attention, wondering where I put my keys.

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Jul 2010 20

Rem Suicide in Illuminated

  • into: females. trying new things, flowers, kittens, recycling, flirting, kinky business.
  • not into: open relationships, complacency, patronizing, animal abuse, drugs.
  • makes me happy: kitty cats.
  • makes me sad: lost kittens and puppies.
  • 5 things i can’t live without: tooth brush, mascara, camera, sex, love.
  • vices: smoking
  • i spend most of my free time: what free time?

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Jul 2010 19

Liu Suicide in Alphaville

  • into: nerds, perverts and freaks satan and jesus
  • not into: bad and stupid persons
  • makes me happy: good feelings
  • makes me sad: bad feelings
  • hobbies: write, art and fuck
  • 5 things i can’t live without: beer, love for all you do and myself
  • vices: all
  • i spend most of my free time: rock life, art, wild sex, ice cream, beer, love

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Jul 2010 16

Annaleigh Suicide in Wallflower

  • into: Hikes, surprises, warm showers and fast food. 🙂
  • not into: dudes bro…
  • makes me happy: my puppy, my macbook, my family, my best friend, candles
  • makes me sad: my boss, christianity bible humpers, thiefs, grumpy people, fruity gum
  • hobbies: hiking, swimming, cowboys ;), line dancing eating
  • 5 things i can’t live without: cell phone, chapstick, ipod, macbook, a job
  • vices: weed, alcohol on occasion, sex.
  • i spend most of my free time: College classes work and being a bum 🙂

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Jul 2010 15

Vesta Suicide in Feeling This

  • into: Bad fake accents, lingerie, cheap shows, movies, small towns.
  • makes me happy: Hot popcorn, stir-fry, cupcakes, pancakes… Food!
  • makes me sad: Roadkill, clapping in movie theatres, Uggs and Crocs.
  • hobbies: Guitar, painting, photography, cupcake creating and Maple Leafs hockey.
  • 5 things i can’t live without: Days filled with sunshine, ear kisses, lubriderm rubs, romance and birth control.
  • vices: Popcorn, things that sparkle and anything I can stick into my face.
  • i spend most of my free time: Here!

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Jul 2010 12

Dice Suicide in Silver Beams

  • into: Tattoos and Piercings, playing my drums, art, fashion, Punk, sewing, DIY, movies,photography, live music, 70’s rock ‘n’ roll, parties, surprises, motorcycles, dead stuff, traveling to places I haven’t been, kinky sex, modeling, learning new things, animals, and knitting.
  • not into: liars, cheaters, drama, and fakers.
  • makes me happy: spontaneity, tattooing, silly randomness, fans, wailing away on my drum set, road trips, trying new things, gifts, surfing, disgustingly nasty horror flicks, my massively expansive DVD collection, shopping, being in control, meeting kind new people, smoking my camel wides, a good bargain, and fresh sushi.
  • makes me sad: Being treated unfairly.
  • hobbies: Drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, sewing, crochet, knitting, art, drinking, blogging, web surfing, bike riding, surfing, dancing, hangin’ out.
  • 5 things i can’t live without: Cigarettes, my pearl drum set, my art supplies, showers , and sex.
  • vices: naked women and fine art
  • i spend most of my free time: Poke Smot. Beat Drums. Get naked on the internet.

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