Hello, Beautifuls. I’m Bunny Mcintosh.

When I’m introducing myself on any kind of internet forum, I feel like I’m applying to be a Estonian mail order bride.

Hi! I’m moody, possessive, and I want to crush your spirit with my constant and insatiable demands! I’m prone to revenge, like throwing your cold-weather basketball pants off the starboard side of the boat I stole two weeks ago.

Just kidding – really, I just want to dance and write and make snacks, in that order.

I have red hair and I try my best to dress like a cast member off of Dallas. My interests include tiny hats, inappropriate dance moves, illegal dice, Mech suits, cars, and advertising. I’m obsessed with Top Gear, Star Trek: TNG, Battle Star Galactica and SuicideGirls. I have the interests of a middle school boy.

I’m sure we would get along, as I have a full set of teeth and a good attitude.

It’s nice to have gotten the feeling of that awkward first date out of the way. Now I can start rambling about my personal experiences without feeling like a context-less internet presence.

If you’re interested in even more exciting context, I’ve been writing on Melting Dolls since my dizzying youth. I also keep a music site called lp-op.com with my dear and darling husband and some terrific writers.

These days, I fancy myself a young, mentally deficient Dear Abby. If you need relationship advice, please write to me at meltingdolls@gmail.com. I will respond here to the best of my ability. I will keep all of your information anonymous and try to offer you a sincere and straight forward response. I might mock you if you’re a tool, but I will do so with a good, friendly nature.

And If I fail to relay something decent, don’t blame me, hot shot — you’re the one writing to the SuicideGirls for relationship advice. Now let’s ignore that fact and get on with it!

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