A few years ago Brandon Perkins started to explore a world where squids that lived inside The Internet were preying upon humans at Los Angeles bus stops. He thought it was a novel idea and turned it loose on the Internet in the form of Please Use Rear Exit. On August 16th, Masato Nakatsuji was arrested for releasing a virus that preyed upon people’s hard drives with pictures of squids. Perkins is starting to worry that worlds are intersecting.

Fortunately, the rest of his digi-novel is about drinking and pretty girls and the young men who spend Friday nights trying to do both. The required research can occasionally relieve the stress of knowing about squid apocalypses in advance, as does the presently-posted and forthcomingly-exclusive music posted on www.pleaseuserearexit.net.

An Angeleno of seven years, Perkins has contributed to the Huffington Post, LA Weekly, LA Times, and URB Magazine — in ways both big and small and mostly rap — but he is truly, madly, deeply excited about his first season of Fantasy Football.

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