Keith Daniels lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and has written exclusively for SuicideGirls since 2003. He has written or edited over 1,000 articles and conducted dozens of interviews for SG, starting with the second interview ever posted on the site. He even shot a few sets.

“I first visited SuicideGirls, like many people, for the porn,” says Daniels, who joined SuicideGirls in 2002 and has never left. “It blew my mind that here was this site that featured people I could identify with. I’d never seen anything like it before. I’ve stayed for almost a decade now because the community of people I’ve met on SG are some of the smartest, coolest men and women on the planet. Naked ladies, even if they aren’t as fabulous as the Suicide Girls, are everywhere on the internet, but the social network – and this site was among the first — that SuicideGirls has become for me is priceless. Having SuicideGirls to go to every day has made maintaining my sanity while living in a place like Oklahoma a little easier.”

Born in 1980, Keith is an unabashed liberal atheist, a secular-humanist and a skeptic, a self-described “science fanboy,” a geek, a gamer, a guitar dabbler, an Eagle Scout and a college dropout. He and his wife, Rebecca, have been happily married since 2004. They have no children, nor do they want any, and don’t like yours very much either. His favorite music includes X, Bruce Springsteen, Pulp, The Replacements, and The Clash. When he’s not on the internet, he’s probably spending time with his Basset Hounds, Preacher and Leeroy.

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