Nov 2013 04

by Nicole Powers

To The Wonderful Guys That I Consider To Be My Friends,

I appreciate that from time to time you may need to disappear from my life. I understand that sometimes having female friends can put a strain on romantic relationships – especially when they are vulnerable and/or new.

I get that even the most amazing women can feel jealous and insecure at times – and never want to be responsible for anyone feeling like that. I want you to be happy in your love life, even if that means that our friendship has to take a backseat.

However, please man up and let me know what’s going on instead of just disappearing on me. I won’t judge you or your partner. Relationships are tricky even at the best of times.

But when you stop retuning calls, emails and/or texts without explanation, it leaves me confused, hurt, and wondering if I’ve inadvertently done something wrong (even when the rational part of my mind knows I haven’t).

So next time you feel the need to go AWOL, know that you can do so with my blessing – as long as you just don’t leave me in the dark.

With Thanks,

Someone Who Has Had One Too Many Men Randomly Appear, Disappear, Appear, Disappear, Appear, Disappear (etc., etc.) From Her Life Without The Courtesy Of An Explanation And Is Sick Of That Shit

Ps. Let me make things super easy for you, in future please just use this form text:

New GF / Back with GF. Got 2 go AWOL. KTHXBAI