Aug 2011 19

by Flux

This week on the SG Twitter feed, we asked our followers one of the most essential, most crucial, most contentious questions on Earth: kittens versus puppies…who wins? Many would say that the answer to this question defines a person: kitten lovers would say that their choice implies independence, quirkiness, and a certain level of internet savviness (think Nyan and LOLcats), while puppy fans would point to their nobility, loyalty, and high snuggle-factor. It was quite a battle, with points moving fast in either direction over the first 30 minutes we were monitoring the stand-off. Puppies started out in the lead, then kittens inched ahead. In the end, it was close: 33 to 31 in favor of puppies.

In honor of the victors, we put together a small, free, safe-for-work gallery of some of our favorite photos of SuicideGirls with puppies. Check out SG Puppy Love here.

As for the kitten lovers, better luck next time. Maybe if you had stepped up, we would have posted some really nice pussies.