Jan 2011 31

by Blogbot

Subway trains come fitted with the perfect poles for dancing – and an inbuilt audience – so it’s almost churlish not to make use of the facilities at hand.

The girls in the video above take busking to a whole new level on New York’s underground, though the financial reward for this performance was far greater than the meagre tips they earned. Shot back in 2007, the video won a $10,000 prize from the now defunct

The site may be no more, but we feel its legacy of taking pole dancing to the people should live on – though perhaps the lap dancing which can be seen around 1:13 and 2:34 may be taking things a little too far (purely from a practical point of view, since sweaty seat issues could be rather unpleasant for subsequent commuters).

Anyhow, anyone up for a spot of flashmob pole dancing on LACMTA’s Red Line? The only downside we can see – as evdienced by this video – is that more than a few people may purposely miss getting off at their stop.