Aug 2011 05

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“I never read the original Dracula before.”
– Jae Lee

Over the past 15 years Jae Lee has become one of the most stylish and innovative comic book artists in recent memory. He burst onto the scene with a stint on Namor the Sub-Mariner and since then has worked on dozens of other books from Fantastic Four to The Sentry to his creator owned Hellshock.

But recently Jae Lee has a wild time throwing himself headfirst into the horror genre by working with two of the great horror creators, by proxy. I use that word because currently he is working on a series of comic book miniseries based on the Stephen King novels The Dark Tower with the legendary Peter David doing the dialogue. But I was lucky enough to get to talk with Lee about his work creating the pictures for The Illustrated Dracula.

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At first it is really exciting to know if it's real and it will really lead you to glory. U cnt just lay on a coffin so I guess they just have all this sort of wild imagination where the spirit goes after death. No offense. *DONT_KNOW*