Dec 2010 23

by Nicole Powers

“It’s the old ‘penis-and-two-balls’ trick.”

– John Oliver

A lot of wonderful things happened in 1977: punk exploded, Apple was incorporated, Star Wars was released, transatlantic supersonic flights hit commuter airline schedules, smallpox was officially considered to be eradicated –– and John Oliver was born. 2006 wasn’t such a good vintage however, one of the few redeeming features being that it was the year the thinking woman’s bit of crumpet from The Daily Show first joined Jon Stewart’s band of merry not-news men as their Senior British Correspondent, making something that was already truly awesome even more so.

Before washing up on our shores with his freshly minted visa in hand, Oliver apparently spent an inordinate amount of time at school farting (an activity the British have raised to the level of a national sport). He went on to study a language he was already relatively competent in –– English –– at Cambridge University, which afforded him a lot of free time to pursue the hobby that became his career: being funny. He joined the Cambridge Footlights, a hallowed university amateur dramatics/comedy institution which was founded in 1883 and has produced many notable funny people –– both of the peculiar and ha-ha varieties.

Oliver is certainly a funnyman of the ha-ha kind, though he’s not without his peculiarities as we found out in this interview, which was conducted via email for his own safety –– did we mention he’s the thinking woman’s bit of crumpet from The Daily Show? (**We’d like to emphasize that we mean this most sincerely.)

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