Jan 2011 04

by Nicole Powers

“I think I won a wet T-shirt contest in college.”

– Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal has much to hide: She’s somewhat pathological when it comes to winning things, has a wet T-shirt attired skeleton rattling around in her closet, and has a proclivity for the sexy bits in Harlequin romance novels. But as The Daily Show’s Senior Women’s Issues Commentator, she was loud and proud in her support of Hillary Clinton for president. Sadly, that didn’t work out so well (though the Secretary of State gig is not such a bad consolation prize).

When Schaal’s not championing the female cause and fighting sexism on Comedy Central (by stripping down to her superhero-inspired undergarments), she can be seen avidly stalking losabilly band Flight of the Conchords in the HBO Emmy-nominated show which shares their name. Schaal herself is easily cyberstalked, with multiple appearances in DIY comedies, such as Horrible People and Penelope Princess of Pets, posted online.

We caught up with Schaal by phone just as she was about to get hot n’ steamy with her boyfriend in a New York diner. More on that later, first a few questions about the new season of Flight of the Conchords, which is almost in the can, and her thoughts on Clinton’s new leading role.

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