Mar 2011 10

by Brad Warner

“When sex is your job, you really cannot let work suck.”
-Nina Hartley

If you came of age during the video porn boom of the ‘80s, I don’t need to explain who Nina Hartley is… and not just if you’re a guy, either. Since she was openly bisexual and not just performing her girl-on-girl scenes for the cash, she had a far greater female following than most porn stars. But for those of you who weren’t pleasuring yourselves to her work, Nina Hartley was one of the biggest actresses in X-rated film throughout the 1980s, appearing in over 400 porno pictures, beginning with “Educating Nina” in 1984.

Unlike most porn actresses, Nina didn’t spend a couple years in the industry only to vanish off the face of the Earth. She stuck with it and these days puts out a series of “How To” videos covering subjects as diverse as how to organize the perfect orgy and how to take it up the bum.

I spent many a lonely night with Nina Hartley’s videos in my 20s. But that’s not why I wanted to interview her. My interest in her was piqued when a friend lent me her book “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex” and pointed out that on page one she mentions she was raised in a Zen Buddhist monastery. How many porn stars can you talk Zen with? I had to meet her…

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