Jan 2012 23

by Missy Suicide

Fresh Meat – Episode 101
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Did you watch Ink Masters last night? If not you can watch the whole episode here!

I think a reality competition show about tattoo artists is a super cool idea. Basically the same format as Top Chef or Project Runway (which I am addicted to) but with WAY higher stakes.

Listening to Ink Master judge Oliver Peck‘s critiques on line work and shading was super interesting. That type of knowledge of what to look for in a tattoo artist will make for a more well informed public.

I think the time limit to do the tattoos is a bit scary since they have to be on someone’s body forever but I guess a good tattoo artist can budget their time accordingly. Some of the artists seem like they might need some more experience before they will get everything down perfectly though. Which is a little scary to watch and you feel for the human canvases, well most of them. Anything the contestants do though will likely be better than what the people might get from walking into the nearest open shop without a plan.

It is always nice to see our friend Dave Navarro too.