Jun 2012 07

by Blogbot

This past weekend, aficionados of the Lolita look gathered in New York’s Central Park for a Tea Party in honor of International Lolita Day. Taking place but a stone’s throw away from the park’s larger than life Alice In Wonderland bronze tableau, the affair had a distinct down-the-rabbit-hole air.

When not preoccupied by his pocket watch, the Mad Hatter strummed a guitar, as attendees indulged in sweet treats worthy of the Queen of Hearts herself while elegantly perched on picnic blankets beneath trees in a shaded grove near Belvedere Castle. Though, had the fowl-mouthed monarch from the Lewis Carroll tale been in attendance, she’d likely have disapproved of the fact that her beloved game of croquet was being played with mallets rather than livestock.

International Lolita Day is a curiosity that pays homage to a fashion that emerged out of Japan, which is heavily influenced by clothing from the Victorian era and art in the Rococo style. The idea for the biannual celebration, which occurs on the first Saturdays of June and December so that both Summer and Winter fashions can be displayed, was first floated by the EGL Community on LiveJournal, and is now celebrated in numerous cities around the world.

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